Hi and welcome to my blog where I compare and contrast the differences in my three main outdoor family shoots. I get asked to explain the differences in shoots a lot by potential new clients so thought it would make sense to break them down as simply and coherently as possible. I really hope it helps!

Family Minis Hilliers
Duration Up to 3 hours 30 minutes 60 minutes
Location Your choice Pre-determined by me Hilliers
Cost (minimum) £99 session fee + £249 Package B £85 £160
What is included? 3 hour shoot + 10x digital downloads + £50 print credit 30 minute shoot + 3x digital downloads 1 hour shoot + entrance fee for all + 5x digital downloads + £15 print credit
Cost (maximum) £99 session fee + £349 Package A £185 £260
What is included? 3 hour shoot + all digital downloads + £100 print credit 30 minute shoot + all digital downloads + £40 print credit 1 hour shoot + entrance fee for all + all digital downloads + £15 print credit
Other limitations None. You can have as many family members (including dogs) as you want
  • can be tricky for those children who need time to ‘warm up’
  • unsuitable for large groups
  • no dogs allowed on site
Date restrictions None. You can book whenever you want (subject to availability) 4x seasonal shoots – Bluebells, Sunflowers, Autumn and Winter 3x seasonal shoots – April, October and November
Ideal for
  • large groups
  • families who want to use a specific location
  • big celebrations that you want captured
  • people who just want to spend time and have fun altogether
  • regular updates of family photos
  • children who may have a short attention span
  • small family groups
  • a day out for all the family
  • anybody with limited mobility


Family Shoots

Full family shoots give you the freedom and flexibility to book a date and location of your choice. As they last up to 3 hours, there is no cause for any rushing and the location can be a sentimental one or simply one that suits the needs of the family (whether that be beach or somewhere with trees to climb or views to enjoy etc)! Some people come to me with a very clear idea of where they would like their shoot to take place whereas others don’t have a clue. I have a location blog that I hope may help guide and inspire you if you need it!

Although 3 hours for a shoot may seem like a long time, it’s amazing how quickly the time flies, especially as we’ll be moving around a lot. Plus there are the inevitable snack stops along the way! They are ideal if you have any individuals who are camera-shy (or just shy in general for that matter) and may need some time to warm up/get used to me. It is not uncommon for me to focus on other children or members of the family so that shy or unsure children can spend some time getting used to the situation and to gauge what it’s all about. I do find though, that the chocolate buttons/jelly sweets rewards/imcentives can help speed this process along however!

I have noticed over the years that these shoots seem to be more and more popular when a large family group are present especially if everyone is celebrating a significant birthday or anniversary. I think that we have all started to realise that as our parents or grandparents get older, actually what is the most precious and important gift that we can treat them to, is our time! And to have that captured (along with all the many groupings and family dynamics) is simply priceless for all!

The pricing is very straightforward. You pay £99 upfront which covers my time on the shoot plus processing. 7-10 days after the shoot you will receive your gallery of images via an email link. If you would like to proceed with buying any of the images, there are 2x packages available. Package A costs £349 which includes all the dowloadable images plus £100 credit. Click here to read more about print credit. Package B is £249 and includes 10x downloadable images and £50 print credit.

If you would like to read more about Family Shoots, please click here.


Minshoots can be the ideal option for families with young children (or children who have a short attention span) as they are only 30 minutes in length so short, sharp burst of energy and then you are done!

The dates and locations are pre-determined by me depending on seasonal blooms and colours and my availability. I normally allow 1x weekend for each of the 4 minis – Bluebells, Autumn and Winter and then Sunflowers I spread over a series of late-night evenings in August due to the heat and overly-bright sun during the daytimes.

I hope that the pricing is again straightforward. You pay £85 upfront. This is the cost of the Mini Bronze Package and covers the cost of the shoot plus 3 digital downloads. 7-10 days after your shoot you will receive your gallery of images. If you are unable to limit your choice to 3 images, you can upgrade to the Mini Silver Package or the Mini Gold Package. The Mini Silver is an additional £50 and includes 6x downloadable images and £20 print credit. The Mini Gold Package is £185 (so an additional £100 to what you have already paid) and includes all the images and £40 print credit.

If you are interested in having a Minishoot but unsure what season to choose, please click here for more guidance.

If you would like to read more about Minishoots please click here.


Although many photographers use the incredible backdrop of Sir Harold HIllier Gardens, I am in the unique position of actually working in partnership with Hilliers. This means that not only will you see my shoots being advertised in their magazines, but it also means that any shoot you book at Hilliers (on the specific dates stated) you (and your party) will receive free admission for the entire day of the shoot. In my eyes this is a win win situation – not only do you get to spend an entire day with your loved ones, but you also get photos to remember your time together!

Hilliers shoots last for one hour. Depending on the number of people in your party will determine how much we move around. If you have a large party, I find it tends to be easier to stick to just one or two locations within Hilliers, otherwise we end spending lots of time walking and shepherding everyone around. If you are part of a smaller group then moving around and changing up locations and backdrops is not a problem, although I always leave the park/treehouse until the end otherwise I find that some children struggle to leave!

The beauty of shoots at Hilliers is not only the incredible surroundings but the fact that teh different parts to the gardens are so different at different times of the year! It is one of the few places that offer colour and range throughout the entire year, meaning that even when I shoot there in December, there is still colour around! If you particularly want photos along Centenary Border, I normally only try and shoot there first thing in the morning (first slot available is 10:15) as it just gets too busy after that.

Hilliers is also the ideal shoot if you have a member of the party who struggles with walking as, not only are there flat paths all the way around but you can also hire mobility scooters for a small fee.

The cost for a Hilliers shoot is £160. This covers a 1-hour shoot, entrance fee for all members of your party, 5x digital downloads and £15 print credit. 7-10 days after your shoot, you will receive your gallery of images via an email link (that can also be shared with other members of the party). Once you have chosen your 5 favourite images (and favourited them) I will be able to enable download functionality for those five. If you are unable to choose, you can pay an additional £100 and receive the entire gallery of images available to download. 

If you would like to read more about Hilliers Shoots please click here.

I hope this little summary helps you understand about the difference and is able to guide you into the most suitable shoot for you! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!