Who says you can’t have fun when its raining and windy outside? Nothing that a pair of wellies and a raincoat won’t fix! Thankfully, the great British weather didn’t stay gross for too long and then we were able to jump in muddy puddles and run through the corn fields in a fabulous new location in Upham, just outside Bishops Waltham.

I wanted to capture some very atmospheric and moody photos, which are quite different to the bright and airy feel that my photos have had lately, so I was quite pleased that the weather behaved in the way that it did because it provided us with some dark clouds and very striking colours, especially the corn against the dark skies!

You can also see what a difference the styling and colour combinations of clothes can do for autumnal shoots. Thankfully Mum Veronique is very talented at this so I knew that I could leave her with it and she’d smash it! Loved this shoot and would definitely come back here again in the different seasons!