The Lavender Farm

I have to be honest – I wasn’t sure if the lavender season was going to materialise this year, not after this heatwave that we have been experiencing for such a prolonged period. I know other farms growing extensive amounts of plants have been hit hard, so I was thrilled when The Lavender Farm said that they were still open.

The Lavender Farm in Alton is where I have taken my lavender photos for a couple of years now, and it’s easy to see why. As a photographer from Chandlers Ford I wasn’t sure of the nearest or best location to go to for amazing lavender, but this place is awesome. The plot is not huge, but it has the most beautiful lavender and wildflower mix which are alive with bees and butterflies. The sounds and smells that incredibly intoxicating and you can sense that this is a very calming and relaxing place to be (if the sun weren’t beating down on your back so much)!

Lavender Photography with The Matthews Family

The conditions for the photo shoots this year were unbelievably challenging. I always encourage my clients to book as early or as late as they can in the daytime as  that is when the light is at its softest and most flattering. This, however, is not always easy as 99% of my client base have young children, so early starts or late evenings are not always an option.

So with this in mind I met the Matthews family at 10am on Sunday morning. Mum (Rosie) had read my Pinterest advice board carefully so styled herself, her husband Nick and daughter Lauren in colours that complemented the lavender well.

Mum mentioned that they were up for a range of different images, but conveniently their lounge has a lavender theme so wanted to concentrate on photos with that rather than too much in the wildflowers, as she wants to update the photos on their lounge walls soon.

They are quite a tall family and it was quite difficult to capture them all with just the lavender in the background, so there were lots of photos taken sat or even laying down. Thankfully the three of them were all good sports and up for anything which helped! The sun was incredibly fierce and contrasty, even at that time of the day and there was absolutely no shade, so we had to work hard to capture the right positions with the right background. Thankfully we managed it and Rosie is thrilled with the results!

If you are interested in find out more about how I work, my portfolio or having a shoot with me, I would love to hear from you.