Dog Walks near Chandlers Ford Blog Series

Lately I have taken on a bit of a mission to explore and blog about as many different (and good) dog walks near Chandlers Ford as possible. Dog walks for me are an everyday necessity, and I have realised that I need them for my own well-being, as much as my labrador Josie needs them.

I am very lucky to have such a fabulously loyal and wonderful dog and so I try hard to make sure she gets as much variety of walks as possible. She has sensitive ears which can cause her a lot of pain, so I try to avoid walks where there is a river or lake (water antagonises her ears), unless it is hot and she needs cooling down.

I also have two young children (Charlie aged 4 and Evie aged 3) so going on walks where the two of them are happy and want to return is important – I don’t want dog walks to be onerous or a chore. I like our walks to be a time that we can spend some quality time together, have fun and enjoy being out in the great outdoors!

Why Ampfield?

This is a walk that I have been on quite a few times over the past year, as I really like to mix the walks up that we go on. I start by following a gravel path but then turn off left onto a grass path and then follow a mud track along the back of the woods that runs parallel with the main path. I don’t know why I started with this route, but I am not particularly blessed with spacial awareness or a sense of direction, so I tend to stick with what I know!

This walk is lovely in all weathers, although you will need wellies most of the time as the mud tracks get mega muddy.

Josie absolutely loves it here and loves darting off into the trees and back again.


The Walk

Things to Enjoy at Ampfield:

1) Woodland:

If your dog / children like running through the trees, then Ampfield is the perfect place for you to visit. The walk that I have mapped doesn’t take in any of the many paths through the woods (mainly because I have a complete lack of direction and didn’t want to get lost). But if you have a sense of adventure (and direction), then it is great fun to run through the trees!

2) Paths:

There is a main gravel path that runs through the middle of the woodland. To be honest I have not followed it as far as it goes so wouldn’t like to advise on it all the way down, but as far as accessibility goes, it serves pushchairs very well.

3) The atmosphere:

As random as this sounds, this walk always makes me feel really calm and serene. It’s always so peaceful (there’s no road noise whatsoever) and the light shining through the trees is absolutely stunning.

Things to watch out for at Ampfield:

1) Lack of bins:

Unfortunately the lack of poo bins really lets this area down as so many owners seem incapable of picking their dogs poo up, or at the very least, using a stick to flick it into the undergrowth.

2) Stagnant water:

I don’t know why but there always seem to be boggy areas here, so quite a lot of pools of stagnant water around. Not great for those dogs who will sniff out smelly water within a 5 mile radius and make a beeline for it!

3) Parking:

Although the parking is free, there is a tiny car park off the main road (where cars drive quite quickly).