Welcome to blog #14 in my series of family-friendly dog walks near Chandlers Ford which today focuses on Heath Pond in Petersfield. Ok so not actually anywhere near Chandlers Ford, but I was doing a reccie for an outdoor shoot here anyway, and it was such a lovely walk that I thought it would be worth writing up to share the experience in case you’re ever in the area!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Caroline and I am a family photographer in Chandlers Ford. I am an outside photographer, so I am on the lookout for new locations.

The idea for these blogs was started when my children were younger and I was bored of taking them on the same walks. So I started collecting ideas for different places, paying particular attention to details such as whether they were pushchair-friendly, whether the dog had to be on the lead and whether it was just safe to let them just run free. People then started asking for suggestions where they could take their kids / dogs to and so was borne my blog series!

Now it is worth noting 3 things when reading these blogs:

1) you do not need a dog to visit these locations;

2) you do not need to have children to visit these locations and

3) I will try my best to source walks as close to Chandlers Ford as possible, but if I find a little gem of a walk that is further afield, then I will still share it, as then you have options!

Today’s walk is a lot further out though in Petersfield!

Heath Pond

The Walk

So far as walks go, I don’t think a walk could be more straighfoward than this. A path leads straight from the car park onto a level path that navigates all the way around the pond. It is wide enough and flat enough that is easily used by pushchairs and wheelchairs alike, as well as cyclists and joggers!

It took us just shy of 20 minutes to navigate our way around, and that wasn’t at a particularly fast pace as we had 3 children and 2 dogs with us!

There are lots of lovely distractions and opportunities to stop as you walk around the pond – many conviently-placed benches, a cafe, toilets, a park and even boat and pedalo hire!

I would define it as an easy and straightforward walk which is all on a level footing.

Things to enjoy at Heath Pond:

Free parking

I know how daft that sounds, but in this current climate, we all appreciate a free trip out, so I believe that a large and free car park right next to the walk, is a big positive!

Little sandy beaches around the shoreline

Don’t get me wrong – they’re not massive but still a lovely addition to the walk.


Selling a variety of drinks, paninis and ice-creams, what is not to love about a little cafe that is halfway round the walk?


There is a decent block of toilets right next to the cafe, so halfway roumd the pond from the car park.

Boat & pedalo hire

There’s an awesome little hut right by the cafe and toilets that hires boats and pedalos for half an hour. The person at the end of the jetty will provide boyancy aides once you have paid.  


There’s a great small park for younger ones and then a larger seperate park for older ones. These are conveniently situated near the cafe and bences!


As I mentioned earlier, because of the nature of the wide and flat paths, this makes it a greta place for pushchairs, wheelchairs, cyclists and joggers.


What I love about places like this is the wildlife boards dotted around so you can not only have your eyes opened to what wildlife you may see, but you can also identify it as well!

Shaded areas

I make a point of looking for shady areas now after the summer we have just experienced! And I am pleased to report that there are loads of areas that are underneath trees 

Fishing areas

There are designated areas for fishing that I believe you can book in advance. There is a board up near the fishing areas which contain more information.

Poo bins

Something that is always important to make when I go anywhere for walks – and that is the amount and accessibility of poo bins. And there are definitely several dotted around the pond not to mention in the car park as well.

Things not great about Heath Pond:


If you’re coming at it from Chandlers Ford like I was, it’s about 45 minutes so not the closest of walks!

Be careful with dogs

Just be careful with dogs off the lead as there are a lot of ducks, geese and swans around that they may be tempted to chase!

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