I genuinely don’t think a photo shoot gets better than a teddy bears tea party next to the River Hamble, with an incredibly happy 2 year old, a very relaxed 4 month old and a wonderful super Mummy.

This was a new location for me to try out (just outside Bishops Waltham) that Mum Veronique suggested and it did not disappoint. It was quite a walk through woodland to get to it, but that made it even more secluded and lovely. Plus there were fairy doors hidden along the route which just made it super magical!

We eventually arrived at a beautiful clearing in the trees that gradually sloped down into the calm and still waters of the River Hamble.

It was an absolutely delightful shoot and despite the occasional wild swimmer and dog walker joining us, we pretty much had the place to ourselves to relax and enjoy! It was a fabulous setting with fabulous models and I look forward to returning soon, although how I’ll ever find it again is another matter!!

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