Hayling Island Sunflower Photo Shoots

Thursday 11th August (evening and dog-friendly)

How does it work?

Sunflower mini shoots work so well for so many different families for different reasons – the main one being they are shorter than family shoots! So if you have young children or children who have the attention span of a gnat, then these 30 minute sessions will be perfect for you! You will be able to book a slot that suits you on a specific weekend at a location already decided by me. We will have 30-40 minutes together to play, have fun and keep clean and then carry on with your day.


As is the case with all my photo shoots, first and foremost you all need to be comfortable and happy in the clothes you wear. If you want to make the most from your photoshoot however, there are some guidelines that you can follow to really make you pop. Firstly, wear plain clothes rather than patterned clothes or clothes with motifs. You, as the subjects are the most important, and sometimes patterened or motiffed clothing can distract the eye away from you.

Secondly, wearing certain colours will really compliment the sunflowers rather than fight against it. In my opinion, dark blues, whites and denims work beautifully, but feel free to have a look at my Pinterest board or have a look at ideas yourself!

Because of the nature of the field, especially if it has been raining, I would suggest flat shoes would work better than any heels.


My Sunflower Photo Shoots in Hayling Island will be held at Stoke Fruit Farm. Have a look at the website for address and postcode. If you end up at the farm shop by accident (as I did), then just follow the signs to Sam’s Sunflowers. Eventually you end upon a massive one-way dirt track which will take you to a car park in a field.

I was literally just expecting a field with sunflowers in it, but is so much more than that! You need to swing by the entrance, which is a couple of tables. This is where you pay your entrance fee (you will not need to pay this as your entrance will be covered by your shoot). You can also hire a trolley to carry your flowers and borrow some secateurs with which to cut your sunflowers. This is unique as other local sunflower fields do not let you pick your own – Stoke Fruit Farm is so massive that they can afford for some sunflowers to be picked and have still have ample to shoot within!

There are food vans, a coffee van, tables to sit at and portable toilets, so it is definitely somewhere that you can chill out for longer and have a bite to eat! The food and drink places accept card or cash.

There is also a small area of wildflowers which are beautiful too.

In amongst the sunflowers are also hay bales, a tractor and some viewing platforms in which you explore and enjoy the sunflowers even more with!

during a sunflower photo shoot a girl poses with some hand-picked flowers
boy on a hay bale during a sunflower photo shoot in Hayling Island

The Shoot

The field is split into 3 sections; the picking section, the general public section and a photographers section. I need to pay a fee in order to reserve a slot which hopefully means we won’t get the general public wandering around in the background.

Your sunflower shoot with me will last 30 minutes, but you will need to arrive earlier in order pick your sunflowers which you can then pose with. I advise you allow at least 20 minutes to pick and cut your own, but if you run out of time then you can always just pose with a couple in your shoot and go back afterwards.

I will meet you by the entrance table at your alloted shoot time and together we will walk back to the area of the photographers field that I have been allocated. I think this is easier than you trying to find me on your own, especially as there may well be other photographers and families there at the same time. If you do not have time to pick your flowers before your shoot, we will simply shoot with the sunflowers in the background and without you holding any.

See my minishoot portfolio

girl poses with sunflowers during a sunflower photo shoot in Hayling Island

How do I book?

The booking process is simple. Click the link below and you will be taken to my booking form where you will be able to select the time that is best for you and your family. 

Once you have booked, you will receive a confimation email of the date and time you have booked (these can be changed if there is still availability). I will then invoice you for £75 which will cover the cost of the Autumn leaves shoot plus 3 images.

A week after the shoot you will receive a link to your private and protected gallery. You can then choose to upgrade to the Bluebell or Sunflower packages should you wish.

The product credit can go towards any of the products listen on my products page or against some other items that are available to look at in the online shop that is linked to the gallery.

Wet weather plan

In the event of bad weather, I will postpone the shoots until the following weekend. As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a massive pain for many people, so I will only postpone in really bad weather. If we have drizzle then we will go ahead and embrace The Great British Weather! If the forecast looks bad in the days building up to the shoot, I will make a final decision the night before and will be in touch only if we need to postpone!

Bluebell Season

Bluebell Season

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What happens if it rains?

We have to accept, living in England, that the weather may not behave as we would like it to. I shoot in all weather conditions, unless it is absolutely throwing it down and impossible conditions. In this instance, I will keep an eye on the forecast and try to rearrange an alternative day. If this cannot be done, you will receive your money back.

What happens if somebody is poorly on the day?

I will do my best to accommodate you on another date, but I get charged every time that I use the field so need to ensure I can do this sensibly.

What happens if I really want a shoot but can't make that date?

I am very much hoping that I will also be able to shoot on Saturday 21st in the evening between 6pm and 9pm. This depends on the availability of the field though and I am unable to pre-book my slot, so I cannot confirm until nearer the time. If you are desperate to book in another day and are happy to help contribute towards my field fee (and I am able to book another place on the field), then please shout and we will see what we can do.

How do I find out more information about the location?

Please follow the Sam’s Sunflower link and it will take you to the relevent page on the website.

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