A Sports Photo Portfolio Package just for you!

Do you have a child who is talented in a sport and who you’d to have a professional portfolio created for them? Maybe you’re just fed up of not having the chance to capture them easily while they’re competing? Or maybe you would like some professional sports photos taken of yourself in your chosen sport? Well I can help you.

I am offering a unique opportunity to create a bespoke sports photo portfolio just for you, whether it be action shots, head shots, close ups or a combination of all three. Many people these days need a portfolio to progress their sporting career forward and many parents just really want to celebrate the incredible achievements and talents of their children.

As you may or may not already know, I am a family photographer based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, and specialise in using the outdoor environment to capture people at their best, using only natural light. I love the concept of shooting sports photos (that are ordinarily only ever shot indoors), but using long grass, bushes and trees to frame them. The juxtaposition of somebody producing beautiful leaps and jumps in amongst nature is truly fabulous!

I was truly blessed to photograph an incredibly talented range of young people this year and absolutely loved every second of it. Read more about our experiences here.

1 hour one to one

20 images


What is involved in a sports photo portfolio package?

So you have identified that you need or want photos showcasing the best skills that you (or your child) can offer in a particular sport. What happens next? What is involved in a sports photo shoot?

  • a 1 hour one to one shoot at an outdoor location;
  • the opportunity to show your impressive set of skills whilst I shoot you from different angles;
  • the session will be interactive – I will show you the images on the back of the camera as you are the knowledgeable one – if you think you can perfect the move then we will repeat the process until we are both satisfied that the best move has been captured;
  • a range of outfits and moving around different areas will produce a range of varied shots to mix the portfolio up;
  • the session will be static in the sense that I will not chase you around a football pitch. You will need to showcase controlled moves that I can capture in a stationary manner;
  • timing is flexible so you can choose a time that suits you. It is particularly brilliant for these summer month when the evenings are longer with lovely sunsets;
  • after the session you will receive up to 30 images, all edited and produced in high-resolution on a private and PIN-protected gallery for you to download.
  • you will have an amazing time. I have received incredible feedback from all my clients and parents about how much they all enjoyed their sessions.

All for only £150!

I am truly chuffed to bits with these photos, they are absolutely amazing. You are amazing and Libby loved every minute of it. We could not fault anything.
Cindy Batstone

Mum to Libby - sports acrobatics

We would like to say that we were highly impressed by your professionalism, excellent communication, dedication and clear passion for what you are doing. We have noticed that from the very beginning and all throughout the photo session. You have a very special way to engage with children and involve them in the photo shoot experience, getting the best out of them. The girls had a great time trying their best skills and shapes and that was driven by your enthusiasm and also by learning about their stories and motivation. Your interest in the person and their hobbies contributed a lot to a successful photo shoot. We really like the photos and these are our first ever badminton photos outdoors. Cristina and Will Mitchell

Mum and Dad to Maria and Elsa - badminton players

It was so nice for Georgia to have a 1:1 photo shoot, you definitely put her at ease and made the experience enjoyable and fun. She hasn’t had to go over the same moves before to get the photo spot on so that was different for her. She has had a lot of photos taken whilst performing at festivals, but nothing like she did with you. At the end of the day she just loves to perform and having the opportunity to do that in such a beautiful spot was amazing. Thank you. Bev Finnimore

Mum to Georgia - dancer

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