Seasonal Photoshoot

So, you know want to book a seasonal family photoshoot but that’s as far as you’ve got. You don’t know the best location to choose, what season is best let alone the best time of day. Do not worry – I can help!

It is fair to say that a family photoshoot is an investment, both in terms of time and money. So when you book it, you want to make sure everything has been carefully considered so the whole family have the best time and the results are exactly what you were hoping for!

Firstly, location choice is a really important decision to make, which is why I have a locations blog that I direct my clients towards. This definitely helps guide them in choosing the right location for their family!

As well as deciding on location, you also need to factor in the time of year that you would like your photos. As an outdoor photographer I have built up a good understanding of the different factors that can influence a family photoshoot that I am more than happy to share with you!

Things that need to be considered outside of location include:

Weather: now it’s fair to say that the Great British weather doesn’t necessarily play by the rules so we can’t take it for granted. However, if we go on the assumption that the summer months will be bright and hot, the winter months (potentially) wet and cold, and then Autumn and Spring a bit of a mix. It’s just worth giving it some thought, as there is absolutely no point booking a winter shoot if your children can’t cope with the cold! Nor is it worth aiming for a Golden Hour shoot in the Summer if your children are really young and can’t stay up late!

Clothing: it’s worth also having a think about the types of look you want from the shoot. If you choose a winter shoot, then you can opt for a really nice layered and woollen look and be all snuggly. I will always try and get a couple of shoots with coats off, but these may be few and far-between. Whereas if you go for a Summer shoot, then you are all likely to be in more lightweight and cooler fabrics.

Wall space: I know this one sounds odd but bear with me. If you have a big wall that you want filling with beautiful images from your shoot, and your colour theme in that room is blue, then a beach/water-based shoot may be ideal. This may dictate the type of year, especially if you don’t want to be layered up! Likewise, if you want some really beautiful shots with an orange/yellow theme, then we know we need to aim for something with Autumnal leaves and colour, or aim for Golden Hour.

Golden hour is is the hour before sunset when the light becomes softer and everything becomes, well just more golden! This is a beautiful time to shoot if possible as the light is more flattering and the tones are sensational! It’s worth noting though that the time of this varies a lot depending on the season, so if you have littelies, then Golden Hour in the Summer may be more problematic than Autumn for example!

I thought it would be useful for me to evaluate each season and what the benefits or difficulties are for choosing that season, as this hopefully will help and inspire you with your decision-making!

Spring Shoots

Things worth considering with a Spring photoshoot:

  • Spring is synonymous with flowers and colour. The colours are very vibrant and varied, especially when shooting against lots of different flowers and blooms.
  • The weather can be very varied and range from showers to hot and sunny, but most of the time it is warm enough to be out without a coat.
  • The ground still can be wet under foot so it definitately worth bringing a picic blanket or similar to pose on.
  • The length of the days builds up as we move through the season, which allows for more shooting time.
  • A great time of year for blowing dandelions, playing among the blossom and flowers behind the ears!
girl tries to ctach blossom during a seasonal photoshoot
family photographer in Eastleigh captures girl catching bubbles

Summer Shoots

Things worth considering with a Summer photoshoot:

  • Although the days are far longer which gives me potentially more hours to shoot in, you want to avoid a photoshoot in the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s highest. It does not make for flattering lighting.
  • Worth choosing a location with lots of shade. Shaded areas, even the canopy of a large tree will provide uniform and more flattering lighting.
  • It will be far warmer so little people or the older generation will get more tired and not be able to walk as far.
  • Golden hour (the hour before sunset) is far later on in the day so not suitable for younger children.
  • Your photos will be the most vibrant and vivid, so if you want lovely greens and blues, then this is the season for you!
Sunflower minishoot with two sisters
during a family photography shoot in Winchester, photographer captures young girl on Stockbridge Down
girl walks amongst the borage during a seasonal photoshoot

Autumn Shoots

Things worth considering with an Autumn photoshoot:

  • Autumn is synonymous with warm colours such as oranges and yellows so these colours will feature heavily in your images.
  • It’s still relatively warm, so no coats, hats etc are needed.
  • So long as we don’t happen to book straight after a downpour, the ground can still be sat on and played on which is great for family fun.
  • If you have young (or old children for that matter) then throwing leaves is around is always guaranteed to make them smile!
  • As the days are shorter then Golden Hour (the hour before sunset) is earlier in the day which means it is perfectly possible to shoot in it with young kids.
lying in the leaves during a seasonal photoshoot

Winter Shoots

Things worth considering with a Winter shoot:

  • Golden Hour (the hour before sunset) is earlier so it is easily possible to shoot in it and not be too late.
  • You wouldn’t necessarily want to shoot in a field or against trees as the bare branches would be sad, but shooting on a beach or somewhere with views has stunning results.
  • Although it is cold, if you get a crisp Winter’s morning with a blue sky and sunshine, the results are beautiful.
  • Wherever you go is quieter so there will be fewer people around which means the background to your images is cleaner and crisper.
  • A lovely opportunity to have lovely snuggly photos where you are all wrapped up warm.
siblings cuddle on the beach during a seasonal photoshoot
one girl and her dog pose on top of a hill during a seasonal photoshoot

I really hope that this list of seasonal factors to consider has been helpful to you and has given you a bit of an insight into what would suit your family best in terms of time of year to have a shoot! This is by no means an exhaustive list and I’ll probably keep adding to it over time!

If you have any questions or queries or would like to talk to me about booking a shoot, I would love to hear from you!



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