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Seasonal Family Shoot Portfolio

Seasonal family photo shoots are all about embracing the seasonal colours, light and activities. Whether it’s on a walk, playing in the leaves or posing amongst the flowers – I love it and I shoot it! For me, the best part of my job is being able to get out in the great outdoors and capture families and children enjoying themselves!

Seasonal Mini Shoot Portfolio

Seasonal mini shoots are set at a specific time in a specific location where I welcome families to enjoy the bluebells, the lavender, the Autumn leaves and colour and Christmas with me.

Hilliers Portfolio

I am honoured to work alongside Hilliers Gardens offering exclusive photo shoots. The beauty of working here is the guarantee of flowers in bloom all year around, thanks to their seasonal beds and areas of interest which guarantee variety and colour throughout the year!

Sport Photography

A relatively new and exciting venture for me which I have absolutely adored. This is the opportunity to capture anybody enjoying and celebrating the sport they love. I have primarily worked with dancers and gymnasts but all shoots have been outdoors to embrace the natural light and surroundings.

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