A Family Photoshoot at Farley Mount

When a new clint books a family photoshoot in Winchester, one of the first questions I ask is where they would like to shoot at. The beauty of my family shoots is that they are up to 3 hours and at a location of the family’s choosing. I always suggest choosing a location that is personal to the family, if and where possible. If there is nowhere suitable then I direct them to my location blog. This is a blog that I am always updating with new and fresh ideas of locations I have shot at, which hopefully will provide some inspiration.

Today I am showcasing Farley Mount – a huge country park with over 200 acres of fields, woodland and beautiful walks! My families always want natural pictures (which is lucky as I don’t have a studio) so this location was perfect for this beautiful family. I’m sure you will agree – the colours they are wearing are absolutely stunning and compliment the colours perfectly!

family photoshoot in winchester at Farley Mount

Why Farley Mount?

If you have never visited Farley Mount, I cannot recommed it enough It is over 200 acres of space and freedom! There are no longer tunnels and climbing frames unfortunately, but there are some great trees to climb on, space to run around and the views are sensational! It is also great for photoshoots all year round, as not only are the colours sensational, but many of the trees are evergreen so there’s colour all year around!

I also brought along my hay bale with me which is not only great for providing a natural seat for families, but it’s also great for kids to jump off!

girl plays in long grass during a family photoshoot in winchester
boy runs down a hill during a family photoshoot in farley mount in winchester

My style as a Family Photographer

I always start a family photoshoot off asking what the family are looking for. From their answers I can guage how to run the shoot. Most of the time the Mum (let’s face it – it’s nearly always Mums who organise the shoots as they’re sick of not being in any photos) replies that she wants a mix of fun ones with a few more ‘nice’ ones of all of them. Depending on the vibe of the children (and how easily they can be persuaded with chocolate), I try to get a few ‘bankers’ in early doors!  I always find that once the children (and husband) have warmed up and realised that I am not scary nor is it a horrendous experience, everyone naturally relaxes and starts having a good time! Generally though, we’ll mix up posing with jumping / climbing / chasing bubbles and generally having a lovely time.

Dad throws daughter in the air during a family photoshoot in Winchester

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