A Family Photoshoot at Victoria Country Park

If you’re looking for a family photoshoot in Southampton or surrounding areas, one of the first questions I ask families is where they would like to shoot at. The beauty of my family shoots is that they are up to 3 hours and at a location of the family’s choosing. I always recommend a location that is personal or special to the family, if and where possible. If there is nowhere suitable then I direct my clients to my location blog. This is a blog that I am always updating with new and fresh ideas of locations I have shot at, which hopefully will provide some inspiration.

Today I am showcasing Victoria Country Park in Netley, Southampton. This historic site was once home to a military hospital which still stands today as Royal Victoria Chapel. The site boasts 200 acres of woodland, parkland and a small shingle beach. It is one of those places that you can easily spend an entire day!

during a family photoshoot in southampton kids play peek-a-boo

Why Victoria Country Park?

If you haven’t visited Victoria Country Park in the past, then you must! It is the place that has something for everyone. From space to run around playing ball games, to a stony beach to play on and have a paddle in the Solent. It has a cafe, a couple of parks (for different age groups), a newly-built fairy garden and even a little steam train to go on. For the purposes of this shoot though, we decided to stay on dry land, as I tend to find that once the kids hit the park or water then that’s it – we’ll never get them away! 

I had a great time with the Blissett family! The children, although young, warmed up to me quickly and we had a fab time playing aroud. The skies were this magical stormy colour so the contrast with the light clothing that Emma had so carefully co-ordinated they all wore, was really striking! It was also the perfect location for the dog to enjoy so I could capture her as well! After all, dogs are a big part of the family and if you want to capture a family portrait during a family photoshoot then the dog should be included!

So we played ball games, played with bubbles and went for a lovely mooch around. And as is normal for my shoots, there was much tree climbing and jumping around!!

little girl poses at victoria country park during a family photoshoot in southampton

My Stye as a Family Photographer

As you can probably tell from the photos – I don’t go in for super posed or formal photos when I am shooting families, especially where young children are concerned. I feel, that as a family photographer in Southampton, it is my job to create an experience whereby you all have fun and forget I am there. If the children can relax and enjoy theselves, I am far more likely to get the best out of them and therefore get the images that best reflect your family relationships and family unit!  

climbing trees in Victoria Country pPark during a family photoshoot in southampton

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