Photographic Album


The Photographic Album is a gorgeous album which features an unbeatable dynamic range and a durable, fingerprint resistant finish.

Each Album is lovingly hand constructed using time-honed book binding techniques. Each page is sandwiched with archival adhesives, allowing for stunning double page spreads and seamless lay-flat design.

The Photographic Album has been designed to the highest specification possible. Complementing the unbeatable print quality, a stunning range of cover materials have been sourced to wrap your photo albums in and provide a wide variety of personalisation options ensuring every aspect of your album is perfect!











 Album Size and Layout:

We offer a range of different album size & format options. You need to choose the layout carefully so your images are not compromised. If the majority of your images from our shoot are landscape, please choose a landcsape or square booklet. The apertures within the books are consistent with the album format and so it can really compromise the images to squeeze them into the wrong apertures. The size, of course, is a personal choice!

Each album can range from 5 – 40 spreads (where a spread = a double page). This is worth bearing in mind when considering the images that you definitely want and then how many pages you want.

To create the album, a specific design programme is used which allows me to drag and drop the images into place using different layouts. These range from a double page being used for one image (which really  has the wow and special factor) to having many images per page (which is great for a wedding where you have loads of images and people who you want to include). We will need to have a conversation before I start about number of images (roughly speaking) you want to include. I will ask you to select your images carefully by clicking the favourite/heart icon against each one in your Pic-Time gallery.I will then be able to see your choices and there’s no need to write them all down. It will also be worth considering your thoughts on number of images per page have per page and if there are any particular images you would like bigger or as stand alone. Some people may prefer to have lots of smaller images so they can fit them all in, whereas some of you may prefer having just a select few but ensuring that they are larger on the page so you can appreciate them more clearly. Both are very acceptable options but again, it is all about personal choice!

I will be able to share the design process with you as I work through it, so you will be in charge and can review it and tweak it as and where necessary. This is such an important step as the album is so personal, and such an investment in time and money that it needs to be perfect!

Cover Options:

Once you have chosen the layout and size of album that you would like, it is then time to choose the cover option. We offer a superb range of different materials to wrap your albums, and each of the materials come in a wide range of colours (just click the button underneath the material to see the details and colour palette currently on offer).

Vintage Leather





Vegan Leather


It’s the little details that make an album truly unique. Once you have chosen your cover material, it is then possible to personalise your beautiful album with an array of different custom options. Some of these are only available on certain materials, so click the button underneath the option to find out more and learn which materials it is compatible with.


UV Overprint

Foil Blocking

Laser Engraving


Custom Debossing

Image Cover

Image Wrap

Extra details to consider:

 Particularly pertinent to wedding couples,it is now possible to order downsized or duplicate albums in addition to the original. These make for great gifts to close family and friends.


Order a duplicate (at the same time as ordering your original album) and receive an exact copy of your main album at a huge 50% discount!

An exact replica, down to the cover and personalisation.

Downscale Albums

These incredible Downscale Albums (often called Parent Albums) make the perfect choice if you are looking to gift smaller versions of your album to family or friends.

Available in 8×6″, 7×5″ and 8×8″

An exact duplicate of your album is printed and is available with the same choice of covers as your main, full size album.

Mini Albums

Our beautiful Mini Albums make great thank you gifts for the bridal party or family members.

The mini albums are replicas of the main album. They are sized at 4 inches along their longest edge.

Photographic mini albums can only be ordered at the same time as your main album and are available in the following material cover options.

Vegan Leather | Suede | Linen | Hessian | Buckram