Photo Shoots on Offer

Family Photo Shoots

Family photo shoots are a great way to capture your family at their best Рspending quality family together together in the great outdoors. These shoots can be created and tailored around the needs and wants of your family. The location can be a personal choice, the date can be a personal choice and the activities can be a personal choice allowing for a unique and entirely bespoke experience.

Mini Shoots

Mini shoots are the perfect opportunity to refresh the old photographs on your walls. They are short 30 minute sessions in a specific date and location. There is no need for you to do anything in advance – you turn up, have fun and let me do all the rest!


An exclusive partnership between Sir Harold Hilliers Gardens and Caroline Jenkins Photography brings you this amazing opportunity. Entry to the gardens plus a one hour seasonal shoot plus 5 high resolution images are all included.

Sport Photography

If you or your child has a talent or skill in a sport that you would like captured, whether it for portfolio purposes or just for pride, then this is perfect. An hour-long shoot that encourages and frames the talents and skills in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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