What a Variety!

We are all told that self-reflection is such a critically important part of improving and appreciating yourself and never has it been more important for me than looking back through my photos shoots in Hampshire from 2018.

I am somewhat overwhelmed by the number of fabulous families and individuals that I have had the privilege to work with. I have had so many amazing opportunities to shoot in some beautiful locations with so many beautiful and fun people and for that I will always be so grateful!

I have worked incredibly hard to create as many opportunities as possible, from broadening my shoot opportunities available (including the introduction off dance photography which I have just loved) to pursuing a personal project on eyes to blogging as much as possible to give my clients as much information as possible. I have stuck babies in pumpkins, practised a lot and built up some fabulous clients and friends along the way.


I have learned more than I thought was possible in a year, although I personally feel that I will always learn something from each shoot that I do as the clients, location, lighting, weather and styling are all so vastly different each time! I have also had two images published in the online version of Vogue Italia which is just immense if slightly surreal!

I thought I would share with you my highlights so you can join me in this fabulous journey as I reminisce the Year of 2018!

The Best of my Family Photo Shoots in 2018

My love of children was the reason I became a teacher and it’s the very same reason that I became a photographer. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than capturing the very essence of a child, whether they are playing by themselves or interacting with members of their family. I like to get to know the families on my photo shoots so that I can realistically capture their personalities and relationships, especially siblings who parents sometimes struggle to capture together in a ‘nice photo”! You can learn more about my family shoots here.

The Best of my Mini Photo Shoots in 2018

Mini shoots are hard compared to family shoots, as although you only have 30 minutes (which some could argue that is great as it gives the kids less time to get dirty or lose interest) it does mean I don’t get as much time to mess around, play and get the best out of the children! Luckily I was blessed this year with those most fabulous familes and little people who were either all just raring to go from the get go, or were ‘persuaded’ very easily with the help of my goody bag of treats!! If you want to find out more about my mini shoots then please click here.

The Best of my Hilliers Photos Shoots in 2018

Setting up an exclusive contract to run photography shoots with Hilliers Gardens has to be an absolute highlight to my year. It has provided me with amazing opportunities, wonderful families and the chance to shoot all year round in the most picturesque and varied environment. I am so excited that it is to continue next year – seasonal shoots with a cheeky Christmas shoot thrown in for fun! You can see more information here

The Best of my Sport Photo Shoots in 2018

I have had so much fun this year practising my sports photography. What started out as a simple facebook plea for any dancers who could leap (and potentially repeat many times) to enable me to practise, has turned into the most incredible passion and desire to do more. I have met the most gifted and driven young people, have watched them perform the most incredible feats that defy gravity! I am delighted to be following this through in 2019 when I attend a dance photography course. So much opportunity and fun lies ahead! You can see more information here.

It is amazing how these opporrunites evole as well – I had an artist message me asking if he could paint one of my images to go in his gallery! I was also approached by Early Life Lab (a pivotol educational department at the University of Southampton) who educate young people in matters of health. We are working together to produce a photographic exhibition to challenge the barriers that children and adults face in achieving the recommended 60 minutes of active exercise a day. This will be on display at the Winchester Science Centre in 2019 as well as being used in the National Active Kids UK Conference!

The Best of my Personal Projects in 2018

Personal Projects in the photography world are recommended to increase your enthusiasm and to give you the opportunity to do something completely different for a change!

In the summer I had a great time taking photos of beautiful eyes that belonged to children of all ages. It started with a photograph of one of my regular clients who has the most soul-searching and emotive eyes which made me realise just how much eyes can speak to you. So I spent a couple of weeks meeting the most lovely people with the most beautiful eyes and got up close and personal with their eyes! I loved it!

Then later on in the year I saw an image that inspired me where a lady had put her baby in a pumpkin for a bit of Halloween fun and I just knew that I had to try it. So I once again managed to recruit some willing volunteers (and their babies) and we had an absolutely brilliant time sticking the (mostly willing) babies in a very nicely hollowed out pumpkin! It was so much fun and something I definitely will be doing next year!!

So that’s it! My year in summarised in just a few words (for me) and a smattering of photos! I just want to say thank you to everybody who has supported me, believed in me and employed me. I have had the most incredible year and I feel like I have grown so much and absolutely cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store. Watch this space!!