Angie’s Home Bakes

 Angie is a terrific local home baker and has made countless birthday cakes for us over the past few years. Like many of us who have started up our own businesses though, she didn’t really understand what a personal branding shoot entailed nor how important it was. Our initial brainstorm started off slow but then picked up a fast pace once we started to get our heads around the nuts and bolts of how her brand was about and what she wanted it to represent. We started with how and why she started the brand, moved onto adjectives to describe it and then colours and messages that were important. It ended up being such an amazing discussion.

Angie was keen to emphasize the sustainability and environmentally-friendly aspect of all her packaging, so we made sure that packaging was added to the shot list! All these aspects are important to her business and a great selling point to her furture clients. And that’s what this process is all about after all – creating imagery to attract the ideal client!

We also discussed brand colours, types of photos that would work well for her future website and specific shots that could work well over a year, when she wanted to advertise seasonal bakes!

candid headshots during a home baker personal branding shoot
making a cake during a personal branding shoot

The Shoot

Thanks to our hard work and planning, Angie and I had a good range of images in our Pinterest board that we could work from throughout the shoot. The good thing about 100% bespoke planning meetings and Pinterest boards is that Angie was able to identify images that she likes and disliked so we knew where we both stood. For a home baker, there was no option but to shoot in her kitchen, so we knew we could fulfil our shoot in just one location!

We started off shooting the packaging and some headshots and then I had the idea of Angie actually making a cake from scratch. This meant that we could get loads of brilliant detail shots, as well as the wider angle shots showcasing her “in action”!

Having done the serious headshots earlier, I was able to get the more candid lifestyle shots, which work well as it allowed Angie’s personality to shine through!

Once the cake was made and cooled, it allowed us time to shoot some pre-made brownies and then it was the icing shots which, again, allowed for some great detail shots!

cracking eggs for detailed shots during a personal branding shoot in Chandlers Ford

A couple of weeks after the shoot, Angie received her images. I make them available in both high resolution and low resolution. it is really important to understand why the two differ and matter so much; high resolution is for advertising and media and for any stationery etc. You can also use high definition on any big images on your website where the definition is seen in clear detail which matters. All social media and smaller images on your website need to be in low definition otherwise it will slow down the loading time of each page and you will be penalised by Google!

You can visit Angie’s facebook here if you would like more information about how she works and what she can offer you!

decorating cupcakes during a home baking personal branding shoot in Chandlers Ford
Last year, I was lucky enough to have a Business Branding Photoshoot with Caroline Jenkins Photography.
Caroline – along with being an all-round fabulous human – is an absolute wizard with photography. Not only can she conjure up fabulous shots with nothing but a ladder and a camera, but she knows just how to engage her subject so that she gets the best out of them. She has taken some absolutely beautiful photos of my kids…and, trust me, they are a tough crowd to photograph!
When Caroline and I first spoke about doing a Business Branding Shoot I was really unsure as to the sort of ‘vibe’ I wanted to convey (AKA a bit clueless!) However, sitting down and chatting with her about Angie’s Home Bakes and its ethos was incredible useful – for both the shoot and for me – and enabled us to put together a plan of shots and props.
Typically, on the day of the shoot I was feeling under-the-weather and a tad stressed…but Caroline (ladder and camera in hand) put me at ease and made me laugh so much that I couldn’t help but look incredibly smiley in the photos! The shoot was really fun (‘fun’ being a word I don’t normally associate with having my photo taken!) and flowed beautifully – I even ended up making some cakes from start to finish so that we could capture some action shots!
The resulting photos are stunning and, most importantly, capture the business vibe: bright colours, nice flavours, simple eco-friendly packaging (as well as capturing me: bright colours, simply presented and usually laughing…at my own jokes!)
A huge thanks to Caroline for her time and effort. She is so incredibly awesome at what she does!
Angela Akers

Angie's Home Bakes