P.R.E.P – Initial Brainstorm

 The initial meeting I had with Lucy was an absolute game-changer. She was still in the process of setting up her website having recently qualified as a dog trainer.

She had done lots of research into other websites which was a great start, and had decided to go with a black and grey palette as those colours suit what she traditionally wears. We spent a lot of time discussing brand colours and what would work for her. She went away and and after going through various paint sample cards, decided upon a brown and green palette. I felt this was perfect as it complemented the great outdoors in which she works every day, so her colours would always be present! Plus it meant she could contine to wear her black clothes which would work perfectly!

We also mapped out her website pages together as well as various blog posts that Lucy could write in future. This made its so much easier to picture the sorts of images we would need and the variety!

Shoot Part #1

We decided that it would be necessary to to split the shoot into two parts given the nature of Lucy’s job. We did the first shoot with her husband and her own dogs. This was really important to Lucy as one of her own dogs was at end of life so we wanted to be able to capture some memories of them all together before Kai sadly passed on. Because of all the planning and preparation that Lucy had put in, she knew exactly the sorts of images she wanted for her website, for her personal memories and for social media. This made it so much easier and quicker to get all the shots captured!

Although the website images (and therefore appropriate composition and backdrop) were always in the back of my mind, for this shoot I also wanted to just be able to capture the heart and soul of Kai!

Shoot Part #2

Lucy was so organised for this shoot which was amazing and helped it run so smoothly, which when you’re photographing with dogs as well, definitely helped. Having already planned her web pages and some blog posts, she knew exactly what images she needed and had packed all the necessary props and toys. In this instance, the accessorising and brand colours were not as necessary as shooting indoors as the green and brown backdrop accentuated her palette beautifully.

She made sure she had organised which dog she wanted for each shot and with each toy, so the shoot could not have gone more smoothly!

A couple of weeks after each shoot, Lucy received her images. I make them available in both high resolution and low resolution. it is really important to understand why the two differ and matter so much; high resolution is for advertising and media and for any stationery etc. You can also use high definition on any big images on your website where the definition is seen in clear detail which matters. All social media and smaller images on your website need to be in low definition otherwise it will slow down the loading time of each page and you will be penalised by Google!

You can visit Lucy’s website here if you would like more information about how she works and what she can offer you!

Working with Caroline has been an unforgettable experience.

Having recently started my Dog Training business, I wanted to have professional photos taken that I would be able to use for my website.

Upon contacting Caroline, she suggested I do the Branding package, this included a pre-shoot meeting to discuss my brand, the website and the style of photos that I would like.

Unfortunately at the time of our initial meeting, our elderly dog was quite unwell so Caroline offered to split ythe photoshoot into two, one for us as a family to have photos with our elderly dog, and a second shoot with my clients dogs.

This was the best outcome we could have hoped for. The photos I received from both photoshoots were breathtaking and will be kept forever!

To add to that, the photos that Caroline took for my website are so fitting and match my brand down to the tee. I have hundreds of images I can use for my social media content as well.

Throughout the whole process, Cartoline has blown us away with her knowledge, compassion, personality and profesionalism.

I very much look forward to using Caroline for all my photoshoots in the future as my business grows as well as recommend her to anyone for her 5* service.

Lucy Staddon

P.R.E.P Dog Training and Behavior