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The Benefits of a Personal Branding Shoot – becoming more visible!

Did you know that it only takes visitors to your website 0.5 seconds to form an opinion of your business? And that people only remember 10% of what they read online whereas they will remember 65% if it accompanied by an image?

Think about that for a moment and just imagine the difference that professional photos could have to those oh-so-important first impressions of your social media and your website. Images that are beautiful and make potential clients sit up and take notice and want to learn more?

If your images are not relevent or eye-catching enough, that could be a new client that you’ve lost! You need to be more visible! Visibility is EVERYTHING!

















What is a Personal Branding shoot?

Personal Branding is EVERYTHING

So what is personal branding photography in Chandlers Ford I hear you ask? Well, quite simply, personal branding is a way of representing you; your brand, heart, soul and story, all in a beautiful set of images. It is creating imagery that you can use to represent your brand and build connections with your ideal client!

It is a well known fact that people connect with stories and so the best way of attracting your ideal client is through your imagery that tells those stories and shows them who you are! Your story is instrumental to your success!

As small business owners we all need to build an online presence in order to create and maintain a successful business. There are many ways of doing this but personal branding photography sets you apart from the rest; it allows you to share your passions and represent your brand visually to ensure you will stand out!

The images on your website or social media are often the first thing that your future clients will see, so I want us to plan and create beautiful images that are inspiring, exciting and engaging. Photos of you and your brand that can be used in social media, advertising and marketing campaigns, website, headshots etc. Starting from our initial planning meeting where we will brainstorm, right up to the shoot, everything will be focussed on you, your brand, your colours and your story.  All of this will dictate our shoot which, if we have planned everything well, will flow seamlessly and result in you having a series of beautiful images!


If you want to stand out among the crowd and let your personality shine through, then a decent headshot is important! Whether you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile or simply your profile picture on social media, then allowing your ideal clients to see the real you is imperative to your small business!


Did you know that the longer your clients stay on your website, the more your rankings go up on Google? People want content to read and look at and the more varied and interesting that you can make it, the longer people will stay. This is why a range of professional images that reflect your brand and show your future clients all that they need to know, is so important!

 You will also need to have a range of different types of photos for your website; you need banners for the top of your pages, you will want some off-centre but will need some that render perfectly for mobile use and PC use!

And have you thought about different blog posts (which also will boost your Google rankings) that you could write? You will need images for them as well! Do not panic though – we can discuss all of this at the planning meeting!

Social Media

You may not realise it, but social media imagery is just as fundamental as the images on your website. In a world where scrolling is the norm, your images need to be eye-catching enough to stop people in their tracks and take notice! Creating social media posts can be a challenging-enough task as it is, let alone if you don’t have any decent images to back it up! Now imagine that during your personal branding shoot we created a bank of images that you could use every time you created a new post? Images that were bang on brand, that represented you and your story! How much easier and seamless would that feel? And if social media scares you or you have no idea how to plan engaging and interactive posts, please do not worry as I will cover all of this in our planning meeting (with the gold package)!

I had my personal branding photoshoot with Caroline, and I am absolutely delighted with the photos! Caroline is an incredibly talented photographer. She is very creative and came up with some brilliant ideas on how to portray my business messages in the photos. She made me feel so comfortable during the shoot. These photos will be used to refresh my website, in my upcoming blog posts, as well as social media posts. This whole experience has forced me to sit down and assess my personal brand and my business message. I feel so much more motivated and empowered to make my business a success. I would highly recommend using Caroline, she’s fantastic!

Never before did I realise just how important personal branding is when it comes to your business.

Saskia van Lier

Career in Focus

How does a Personal Branding Shoot work?

1. Questionnaire

Once you have made your booking, I will send you a detailed questionnaire in which I will ask you to go into depth about you and your brand. Once I know more about you, your brand, what you want to use your images for and your ideal client etc. I can do some research into your website (if you already have one), your competitors and other leading brands in your field.

2. Planning Meeting

Other photographers conduct this meeting over zoom but I find that it far more beneficial and productive to sit and brainstorm together. There will be a lot of content to discuss from brand colours, to shoot list, to location of shoot to props! This discussion ensures we are as prepared as possible for the shoot. If you are unsure about the benefits of regular blogging (and associated imagery that goes with that) then I am happy to help and guide you through this (as well as any imagery yuou may need to accompany these blogs).  Likewise, if you need help to plan your social media posts (to make them as engaging and regular as possible) then I have some templates, inspiration and guidelines to help!

3. Pinterest Board

I will set this up immediately after our planning meeting. This is a board which we will both be able to access and add images to. This board will then inform our shoot list for the shoot itself.

4. The Shoot

This is the fun part where we put all that planning into action! The length of the shoot depends on the package you choose!

5. The Gallery

Your gallery of online images will be sent to you within 2 weeks of your shoot. The images will be available in high resolution and low resolution (better for social media) as well as in colour and black and white so you have many options going forward!

5. After the Shoot

You will have all images available to you to download in low resolution and high resolution. All the planning we did initially, should mean that you have enough content for your website and social media posts (where appropriate). You are now free to share online, update your website, create stationery etc. If, further down the line, you realise you need to update your images further, or there are gaps that we missed, you are very welcome to book a ‘Top-Up’ session with me.

It’s never been so important to show yourself

People connect with people. They want to know the face behind the brand – your story – and the best way to tell this story is through great photos! Between us, we can bring your brand to life!



































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What sort of shots / images can I expect / prepare for?


As I previously mentioned, all my personal branding shoots are bespoke and unique to the businesses that I work with. Therefore, until we have our planning meeting,  it is impossible for me tell you exactly what shots I will be taking! However, I do try and follow certain ‘rules’ and always try and capture the following:

Headshots – can be sitting or standing, looking directly at camera

wide angle image of dog trainer and Dashaund during personal photography in Chandlers Ford

Wide angle particularly useful for wesbite banners

capturing the details during persona branding in chandlers ford

Details to showcase the product!

lifestyle portrait during personal branding in chandlers ford

Lifestyle portrait – more candid and relaxed than headshots and shows your personality

out on location during personal branding in chandlers ford

Workspace which builds trust with client and shows personality

Personal element – showcases the person behind the brand and gives your clients an insight into who you are outside of the office!

behind the schenes shots during personal branding in Chandlers Ford

Behind the scenes and what the client might not necessarily see

Celebratory posts – if you wanted to make any announcements on social media etc

How do we choose the right location for our shoot?


Location is for your personal branding shoot is key. It needs to reflect your brand, have the same aesthetic as your brand and match what your brand is trying to say (e.g if you are a therapist you would want to instill calm and soothing tones rather than loud and vibrant tones).

If you have a client-facing business and regularly meet at your home / in a specific coffee shop / in your camper van, I think it is important to have some photos there so you can show clearly the process to the client (although it doesn’t have to be the entire shoot of course).

Maybe your business is not client-facing however and you work at a laptop at your dining table? We could shoot at your home (although please do not panic, this does not mean I am about to take over your home! One corner in a room is more than enough!) If this is not possible however, there is the option of hiring an office for an hour, although the aesthetic and colours need to be considered carefully!

If you work outside, then this should be straightforward as there are many beautiful areas locally that we can use!

Last year, I was lucky enough to have a Business Branding Photoshoot with Caroline Jenkins Photography.
Caroline – along with being an all-round fabulous human – is an absolute wizard with photography. Not only can she conjure up fabulous shots with nothing but a ladder and a camera, but she knows just how to engage her subject so that she gets the best out of them. She has taken some absolutely beautiful photos of my kids…and, trust me, they are a tough crowd to photograph!
When Caroline and I first spoke about doing a Business Branding Shoot I was really unsure as to the sort of ‘vibe’ I wanted to convey (AKA a bit clueless!) However, sitting down and chatting with her about Angie’s Home Bakes and its ethos was incredible useful – for both the shoot and for me – and enabled us to put together a plan of shots and props.
Typically, on the day of the shoot I was feeling under-the-weather and a tad stressed…but Caroline (ladder and camera in hand) put me at ease and made me laugh so much that I couldn’t help but look incredibly smiley in the photos! The shoot was really fun (‘fun’ being a word I don’t normally associate with having my photo taken!) and flowed beautifully – I even ended up making some cakes from start to finish so that we could capture some action shots!
The resulting photos are stunning and, most importantly, capture the business vibe: bright colours, nice flavours, simple eco-friendly packaging (as well as capturing me: bright colours, simply presented and usually laughing…at my own jokes!)
A huge thanks to Caroline for her time and effort. She is so incredibly awesome at what she does!
Angela Akers

Angie's Home Bakes

What clothes should I wear?


These are personal choices and something we will go into detail on during our planning meeting. First and foremost, you need to be comfortable and in clothes that make you feel good as well as reflecting your brand! You wouldn’t want to wear a power suit to a yoga branding shoot, but likewise, you also wouldn’t wear jogging bottoms and a t-shirt if you have a client-facing business!

The style and colours of your clothes must be on brand. This does not mean you have to have your logo printed onto a load of clothes, nor does it mean that you have to go out and spend a fortune on a load of hot pink clothes (if your brand colours happen to include hot pink)! What it does mean is that we need to think carefully how we can integrate your brand colours into your clothes even it’s just with a jacket, nail polish, a scarf etc! Accessories are great as it means we can get a variety of looks without the need for having full outfit changes!

Bear in mind that wearing (and accentuating the images with) brand colours provides cohesiveness between the website and your social media accounts and, if done consistently, allows for brand recognition!

Should I consider using props, and if so, what?


Props are a game changer in my eyes! Whether it’s a laptop, a coffee mug, a stack of books or a set of equipment, they are all amazing things to plan in! Not only do they make for great detail shots which come in really handy when planning your social media posts, but they also capture your client’s attention by showcasing your brand!

Some props can be used nicely in the background just to set the tone and add a touch of colours, wheres others need to be in the forefront to show followers an idea of the brand and the experience!

The most important thing to remember with regard to props is that they need to enhance not distract!

Prices and Packages

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