I’ve just been on the most amazing course with the fabulous Nina Mace Photography, focusing on using light and colour to make your photos pop.

It was very inspiring and motivating and I can’t wait to perfect my new-found skills and put the amazing tips into practise! I normally shoot at an aperture of around AF4.5, but Nina really pushed us all to shoot at F2.8 using our 70-200mm lenses. This meant that we all had to stand about 1/2 mile away from the models, but meant that we had a very narrow depth of field.

This was fantastic if we nailed the shot and got their eyes perfectly in focus and had a very blurred background. More often than not, if you missed the eye then the whole image would be blurred. The eyes should always be the focus point of your image, and if the heads are tilted then it is the nearest eye to the camera that should be where you line ups your focus point.

If you have blurry eyes then you can wave goodbye to the image that you have captured. If you have multiple children or adults in the shoot and not sure whose eyes to focus upon, I always think about who the main character of the shoot is – is it the toddler, or child making everyone laugh? Is it the bride who everybody is looking at? Or is it the mother who is giving her baby an adoring look of love.

If you know who the focus of the moment is, then you should know who to concentrate your focus point on. And if there are several, that is when you increase your depth of feel, or aperture, to ensure that everyone is in focus!

A very thought-provoking and challenging day that I just know will further my ambitions and skill set.