Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Thank you for visiting Caroline Jenkins Photography. I specialise in family and newborn photography in Chandlers Ford. I have been photographing families for over 5 years now and love being able to capture your story and lives in only natural surroundings and light.

Before setting up Caroline Jenkins Photography, I was a primary school teacher for 13 years, so I like to think I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to working with children. I know that babies are a law unto themselves but I am patient and am happy to be lead by you.

This page should provide you with all the information that you need about how my newborn photoshoots work. If you do have any further questions however, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

I look forward to working with you!
























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big sister cuddles baby sister during a newborn photography in chandlers ford
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Tell me more about Newborn Photography in Chandlers Ford…

Having a newborn baby is a rollercoaster of emotions. Whether it is your first baby or your fifth baby, there are some things that don’t change, from how scrunched up they are at the beginning to that new baby smell. At the back of your mind you’re probably thinking it would be nice to have some decent photos of you all to capture these magical and precious memories! As a baby photographer in Chandlers Ford I can help – capturing  the every day and beautiful moments you wonder where the time went!

I always advise my families that, ideally, they would have a shoot in the first few weeks whilst the baby is still sleepy.

Holding newborn photoshoots in the family home, I believe, makes for a far more relaxed and natural shoot. You as the parents are more relaxed plus it is lovely to capture the whole family amongst belongings and memories. It is also so much easier for an older sibling to be entertained and distracted if they are surrounded by all their own books and toys.

I don’t go in for props or costumes – it’s all about the simple and natural moments for me – those that capture your every day lives. The cuddles, the details, the big brother or sister snuggles and the little moments in between.

A newborn photoshoot should be a relaxed and happy experience and nothing for you to worry about. I totally understand that tidying and cleaning the house is the last thing on your mind bso please do not worry. We can shoot in one room or in several rooms – it is completely up to you! If the nursery is ready, then it’s always nice to have a couple of shots in there. You’ve made big decisions for this room and spent time making this into your baby’s first room, so it’s always nice to capture that!

























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What if I want to capture my older baby instead?

Newborn photoshoots are great for capturing the cuddly and sleepy moments – whether it’s having a cuddle, snuggling with older siblings or the whole family having a moment. Sometimes though, a newborn shoot can’t happen – maybe you weren’t able to book in time, or maybe you were in hospital longer than you anticipated. If this is the case, then please do not panic as I am more than happy to book a newborn photoshoot for an older baby instead!

If you are planning on waiting, I would wait for a few months when they can at least hold their head up and ideally when they can sit unaided. that way we have so many more positions and oppportunities to hoot and capture.

7-10 months is the ideal age for me as a baby photographer in Chandlers Ford as they are generally sitting, showing an interest in toys (and the camera) and just loving life!  It is lovely to capture these moments in their bedrooms or surrounded by their favourite toys. Shoots can also include a bath, a meal, or story time – whatever moments you want to remember forever! 

Once you have received your gallery, you can choose between package A and package B)

With a newborn baby and an almost 2 year old the thought of a newborn photo shoot at home was slightly nerve wracking, however we weren’t keen on the posed newborn photos and wanted some more natural ones in our new home. We found Caroline’s details online and really loved her style of photography.

Caroline was absolutely fantastic and made us feel completely at ease. Within a few minutes I felt as though we had known her for years. She was amazing with our toddler and was happy to work around him. She was incredibly patient and managed to capture some truly precious family moments. We are absolutely thrilled with the photos. They are exactly what we wanted, even better in fact. Caroline is extremely talented and we are so glad that we found her. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Thank you so much Caroline.

Adam and Sarah Uner

dad and baby gazing at one another during a baby photoshoot in chandlers ford

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear?

The most important thing is that you are all comfortable. I generally advise my families that a common theme of colours that tie everyone together as well as avoiding big patterns or mottifs work well. Having said that however, you will probably want to dress your baby in your favourite outfits so you can forever hold onto this image!

Will I need to clean my whole house?

Absolutely not! Please do not panic. I know what it is like – you don’t seem to have a spare moment to tidy despite all the naps! It would be wonderful to shoot in your room / the nursery and one other room with the most space and best light. I always use natural light as much as possible, so anything with lots of windows is perfect!

My house is small - can we still shoot there?

Please don’t worry – I always bring my whole selection of lenses so I don’t need that much space as can get quite close to you all.

Can I have part of the shoot outside as well as inside?

Of course – you are the client and you are making an investment into these images, so I want to make them perfect for you! Ideally – if you wanted shots outdoors then your baby would be a sitter becasue then we can do a lot more with them. It can be difficult to pose babies outdoors when they’re non-sitters. hvaing said that – I would be happy to try!

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions – I would love to hear from you!

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