They’re Not Babies Anymore!

This was probably the most emotional photo shoot I have ever done. Because it was personal! It was the final NCT photo shoot before our babies start school so I was on a mission to capture all the little moments and their mannerisms!

I have known these children for 5 years now, since they were all in utero and all the parents met for the first time in a very hot Church hall for our NCT meeting. Little did we know just how close we would become, so to be celebrating our final weekly get-together before they started school was pretty emotional to say the least!

I don’t think the kids appreciated the significance of the date or the fact that it was the end of an era, but for us Mums it was really poignant and sad, so I wanted to take my camera along and capture it properly. All the NCT kids have had so much fun on so many adventures that I wanted to be able to capture the last bit of fun that they have together before they all go off and grow up!

I am very lucky that my friends are all too used to me bringing my camera along and I am so glad I do. How is it possible that it was 5 years ago that we were too scared to leave the house because of this brand new baby that we were responsible for? That we checked our messages constantly in case another one of us had any news to deliver!  How is it possible that that amount of time has flown by already, in seemingly the blink of an eye? Time needs to slow down!

I want to be able to capture their ever-changing and growing personalities, friendships, hopes and dreams because I know that that the next chapter is just around the corner.

Why Manor Farm?

We decided to celebrate in style at Manor Farm alongside the River Hamble. With five 4 year olds, a 3 year old, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a dog (not to mention 3 very tired Mums), we knew that somewhere with water where they could all paddle (and even have a wild swim) would suit them all. It is also a place that I have wanted to check out as a possible location for a photo shoot for a while, so it ticked a lot of boxes!

The beauty of where we went, was that the children all got to play in the park first before we headed down to the waters edge, which we pretty much had to ourselves which was a massive bonus!

We must have set up camp for a good few hours and could have stayed there for far longer were it not for the drenched clothing and subsequent chattering teeth!

As I discovered – it’s a great place for a photo shoot too. The water is always a hit with children (although I would definitely recommend leaving that to the end), there’s some lovely logs and trees that are just meant for cute poses and there are some spectacular views when the weather is on your side! I will definitely be adding it to to my Best of Locations blog.

Here’s to the Next Chapter!

As sad as it is, it’s time to embrace the next chapter. They are no longer babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers anymore. They are little people in their own right and I know these awesome children will go out into the big wide world and absolutely nail the next chapter in their own way.

Some will be loud, some will be shy, some will have loads of friends and some may only have one or two, but however they tackle school, I know that they will love it. We will of course miss them and will struggle to adjust just as much as they do but I am looking forward to weekend get-togethers soon. They will launch themselves headfirst into the next stage in their lives and, as always, I will be there with my trusty camera to document the little memories that will help shape their souls! And for the time being, I will try and enjoy every single moment!