Natural School Photos – the realistic and natural perspective

Let’s face it, this year has been bonkers, and at times we have probably all wanted to curl up in bed and reboot! But now that some ‘normality’ has returned to school, it would be a shame to let the kids schooling to drift along without keeping records of the bonkers of it all.

At the time of writing this, school have still not confirmed whether or not the official school photographer will be in or not, understandably, as they want to keep numbers of people and interactions to a minimum.

Because of this, I am proposing to run some quick outdoor alternative school photos in the woods opposite school. These are by no means affiliated with school, and for many people, they will not replace the more traditional school photos. I like to think of these as the more realistic and natural school photos that represent our children, whether that be beautiful smiles in the Autumn light, or covered in paint and pen after a hard days learning at school. It’s really just so we can keep a lovely record of our kids as they grow up, and if they’re ‘abnormal’ and different to the normal school photos, then that’s fine – our class photos were certainly very different in the summer, so these are just a reflection of the times that we’re in right now!

UPDATE – 18th October

So having done a reccie tonight, I have decided that the shoots will definitely happen in the woods, but in a slightly different location to my immediate thoughts. Just off the car park on Glendowan Road (off Katrine Crescent), there is an entrance to the woods. This is obvious by a sign by the gate with Knight Wood, Woodland Trust, Welcome on it. Immediately behind this sign is a stump – I will be based there and you will be able to see me from the car park.

The weather is looking interchangeable at the moment, with Wednesday looking the worst. I will keep an eye on it and I will contact you if we need to rearrange!

How will it work?

You will book a 10 minute slot per child (you may prefer to book 2 consecutive slots for families with more than 1 child to allow more time to enjoy and generate more photos). We will meet in the woods and have a fun shoot where I will do my best to get the most from your child – they may be on crates, logs, climb a tree or run around – whatever reflects them and gets the best results!

I will shoot a range of portrait and landscape images of them on their own and with siblings (you’re very welcome to jump in too if you want photos with them)!

If you want them to be smarter than their normal post-school self, you are of course welcome to bring clean school uniform to change them into.

When will these shoots take place?

I will be running the shoots the week before October half term, so Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd October (Friday is an INSET day, but I can also do that day if anyone can’t do after school). It would also be possible to do before school if anybody wants to capture the kids looking particularly clean or awake (and are early birds). I wont put these times on the booking form as i’d imagine there will be few and far between, but if you just drop me a line then am sure we can organise something!).

Where will the shoots be?

I will be based in the woods off Knightwood Road. There is a gate on the left hand side of the road (as you’re walking away from school). I particularly love this area as there is lots of natural light here, as well good logs and tree trunks that make for good props and natural seating.

How much will it cost?

It will be £10 per child, with each sibling being an additional £5 each  For this, you will receive a link to a private gallery, from which you will be able to download 2 images (all images will be available to download in either colour or black and white). The entire album can be purchased for an additional £10, which you can decide on once you have viewed all the images.

Other products will be available if you are interested including different sized prints, which I am currently researching and will update this page in due course with more details. If there are any special or specific products that you would like, to maybe send to Grandparents or keep as a memento, please let me know and I will see what I can do!


I am always looking for images that I can use for advertising and marketing purpose, both on social media and on my website. If you would be happy to give consent for me to use your images, please could you arrive a couple of minutes before your allocated time, to fill in a consent form.

What happens afterwards?

I will endeavour to get the images back to you within a 2 week period. You will receive a private gallery link (and PIN) to your gallery of images, all of which will all be uploaded in high resolution. Your gallery will be set to a download limit of 2 images, so you will be able to download immediately. If you would like to buy the entire album then just let me know and I will enable that.


The beauty of being an outdoor photographer using natural light, is that I have very few resources that need to be in contact with anybody else. I shoot with a long lens so always stay far away. I will be using logs and trees to pose the children, or my wooden crates if need be, although you are of course welcome to request that the children remain standing.

If you are happy to consent to me using your images, there will be two envelopes available- one with blank consent forms and one with completed consent forms for you to add to, although you are welcome to take a form away and return to me another time if you wish. I will leave anti bac wipes and hand gel out to wipe down any pens.


Now, all being well, the weather will be on our side and provide warm breezes and soft Autumnal light. If it drizzles, I will go ahead with the shoots (great opportunity for umbrella twirling and jumping-up-and-down-in-muddy-puddles photos). If the weather looks to be too miserable to proceed however, I will postpone to an alternative date!


It’s that time of year when we all get colds, let alone with COVID on the warpath, so I totally understand that sometimes we just can’t make things. But please could you give me as much notice as possible so I don’t waste my time, especially if somebody else could fill that space.