Minishoot package

A Minishoot Package

Times are tough at the moment aren’t they! As a result you’re probably having to cut out luxuries to pay for the necessities. Those family photographs that you’ve been wanting to invest in now seem like a luxury! And can you justify spending all that money on one shoot as, inevitably, the kids will go through another growth spurt soon and look even more grown up than now!

What would you say if I might have the answer to that (well to the photoshoots, not the kids growing up waaaay too quickly!)? What if I could offer you a package deal of 5 minishoots to be taken when YOU want to? So you still get a investment in family photos but you get to take them over as much time as you want! Sounds good doesn’t it!

I currently run 4x seasonal minishoots per year – Bluebells in April, Sunflowers in August, Autumn in October and Christmas in November. These are not on fixed dates as they depend on the crops and weather.

What I am proposing is a package deal where you buy a set of 5 minishoots (at a discounted rate to a normal minishoot) but you get the choice of which minishoots you would like to attend. So you may want to do 5 minishoots in 1 year, or you may want to do 1 minishoot per year for the next 5 years! It is totally up to you!

The reason I chose 5 minishoots is because in addition to my seasonal ones, I wanted to offer an exclusive bonus to families who are interested! So I am offering something new and exciting; a 30 minute minishoot in a location and at a date and time that suits you (subject to availability).

bespoke shoot as part of minishoot package

Your Minishoots, Your Choice!

The beauty of this minishoot package is the element of choice I am hoping to provide my families with. While some families might prefer to come once a year to the same minishoot so they have a beautiful year-by-year progression of their family for the next 5 years, others might prefer to come to 5 shoots in a year so they can see how their family has grown that year.

Your minishoots, your choice!

My aim for this minishoot package is to enable families to pick and choose minishoots that suit them and their lifetsyles. It is all about choice and flexibility!

The only stipulation is that if/when you are taking part in one of the seasonal minishoots, these must be taken at the weekend that I offer them as that way it makes financially viable for me!

family amongst bluebells during a shoot as part of minishoot package


Based on my exisiting minishoot offers, I am proposing three seperate package deals which should suit all families. I appreciate that they may seem like a lot of money upfront, so I am happy to spread the cost out into two smaller amounts before shoots 1 and 3 if that helps.

I am trying to be as flexible as possible and give you choice so am also happy for you to keep hold of any credit you may have (depending on which package you choose) until the end of the 5 sessions. Then you will know what images you have to choose from and you can get some really beautiful prints and products. Likewise, I am more than happy for you to spend as you go! Like I said, these are your minishoots and your choice!

sunflower shoot s part of minishoot package

What do you get for your investment?

  1. Lots of choice and freedom to create a bespoke minishoot package that works perfectly for your family. You may want to have 5 sunflower shoots over the next 5 years. You may want to have 2 shoots this year, 2 shoots next year and 1 shoot the follwoing year.
  2. 150 minutes of active shooting time.
  3. Minimum of 15 beautiful photos to download and keep forever.
  4. Opportunity to invest in beautiful prints or products (perfect for gifts for Grandparents!).
  5. Opportunity to upgrade to another package even after you’ve paid your initial deposit.
  6. Amazing family time playing and spending quality time together.

The Small Print (although written big so there’s no confusion)

  1. Bespoke minishoots can be taken at a date and location of your choice subject to availability.
  2. Other minishoots have to be taken during minishoot weekends that are pre-determined by Caroline Jenkins.
  3. Minishoots can be taken throughout a single year or can be spread over several years.
  4. Each minishoots will involve 30 minutes of active shooting although may be a longer session if we need to walk to the location.
  5. Payment can be made in two ways – either 100% up front or 50% up front and 50% before the 3rd minishoot.
  6. You are encouraged to download photos as you go rather than waiting to the end.

Please see my FAQ’s at the bottom of the page if you have any further questions about the small print although please do get in touch if you still have questions.

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What should we wear?

I always advise my families that the most important thing in family shoots is that everybody feels comfortable. There is no point getting the children to wear their best clothes if they feel really awkward, because this will be written all over their faces.

If you really want to make the most from your shoot though, I always suggest that a similar theme of colours works brilliantly to tie you all together. I will send you links to my Pinterest boards once you have booked, and hopefully this will help inspire you with colours and styling.

Something that I strongly advise against however, is anybody wearing any clothes with motiffs or patterns on. This will draw attention away from all of the beautiful faces!

What should we do if somebody gets poorly?

I am a Mum, so I totally get how children can be fine one day and then come down with something the next day. All I ask is you give me as much notice as possible and then we can rearrange for another day.

Can we change outfits during the shoot?

This is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do as people want to vary the images as much as possible. People view family photo shoots as an investment (both in terms of time and money) so they want to make the most of it. Changing outfits is fine with me, but you will need to bear in mind that we will all be outside in public places. Plus we will only have 30 minutes so it’ll need to be quick!

What time of day is best to have a shoot?

Here’s the thing – if I were to advise you as a parent then I would always say to book one in so there’s no overlap with nap times or meal times, as this is when children can be more ‘fraught’ shall we say! As a photographer however, I would suggest that we avoid shooting anywhere between 11am and 3pm (especially in the height of summer) due to the strength of the sun and harsh lighting conditions. I appreciate though that this is a very difficult situation for you however to find that happy medium.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you’re all happy and up for it, and if we have to shoot in harsh sunlight, then we all just need to bear in mind that we will be spending all of our time in the shade!

Do we have to have the same people in each shoot?

Again this is the beauty of these minishoots – as you can decide based on what is best for your family! If you want the Grandparents in each shoot then go for it! If you want to have different family members in each shoot then let’s do that! You are getting 5 photoshoots so I want it to work for you!

What do we do if we can't make one of the seasonal photoshoots?

Unfortunately you can’t do that shoot then and we will need to make alternative plans for another mini, unless you really want to do it and we got at a date that suits you and you use it as a bespoke shoot. Minishoots only work for me if I am based in one location on a set date so that the families can come to me.

Where can we take our bespoke minishoot?

Again this is totally up to you, all I would ask is it’s no more than 15 miles from Chandlers Ford. If there is somewhere further that you would like to go, I may ask for a contribution to fuel costs.

Hilliers is a very popular location for shoots, although you will have to bear in mind the additional costs required for entry.

Alternatively, if you have any favourite walks / country parks etc that you like to visit as a family, then feel free to ask for them!

What do we do if we have ordered one minishoot package but want to upgrade to a different one?

Not a problem. Just let me know and I will invoice you and then will ensure that the number of downloads and amount of credit has been changed.

Can we bring our dog with us?

Absolutely! I have a dog myself and a photoshoot without her would be wrong as she is a big part of the family! It might just be worth bearing in mind that some places (Like Hilliers) don’t accept dogs (just in case you were thinking of going there for your bespoke shoot)!


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