What is a Maternity Photoshoot on Location?

As a photographer in Chandlers Ford, one of the first questions I get asked by my clients is about locations. Because I only use natural light, I work outside for 99% of my shoots apart from the newborn shoots when I am based in the family home!

Now I do know that some seasons don’t lend theselves to outdoor shooting, which is why I wanted to share this particular shoot with you as it is the perfect example of when a shoot in January can go so beautifully!

On my maternity information page, I suggest that shoots should take place in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, when your bump is blooming and you are glowing. Although I know that a summer shoot sounds idyllic, but if your third trimester does not fall in the summer months then there’s no choice but to shoot in a different season! Some of my favourite times to shoot are beautiful and crisp Winters morning, and that is exactly the conditions in which this shoot came about!

Chloe and John are expecting their third baby towards the end of February, so we booked in this shoot for when Chloe was 36 weeks! I thought carefully about the location because in the winter months you want a shoot with views rather than bare tree branches. So we decided upon Stockbridge Down, which I have shot in many times so I know the location well!

Obviously when you are walking with a heavily pregnant woman, you don’t want to be walking far, so I always make sure I do a reccie first. Chloe was brilliant though and was happy to walk the 10 minutes or so uphill until we got to the best location.

I allow about an hour for the shoot itself but am always happy to be lead by the client. The good thing about a maternity photoshoot on location is the variety of poses that we can get with such a beautiful background in all of them.

couple cuddle bump during a maternity photoshoot on location in stockbridge down

Direction of  Maternity Photoshoot on location

Do you ever feel like some people are born to be in front of the camera? They are graceful, elegant and seem to know exactly what to do and how to pose? And then there are the other group (of which I am the Queen) who don’t know how to stand and just feel really self-conscious? If you’re a member of the second group, please don’t ever discount a shoot because you feel awkward in front of the camera! It is my promise to you is that I am there to make you feel incredible and beautiful so please know that I would never ask you to pose in a certain way and make you look ridiculous! And if you feel self-conscious then I will do everything in power to make you feel a million dollars!

I have lots of poses up my sleeve for Mums on their own, with partners and with children but I always check that the Mum feels comfortable and happy at all times. This is what I did with Chloe and John! Chloe was brilliant with all poses and both were very good at following direction, but I am not averse to showing a photo of my pinterest board if I can’t explain how to position yourself! Most of the time I will always ask you to cradle your bump as this accentuates your shape beautifully. This is why I suggest wearing longer dresses as that pose just seems to work better and is more flattering in longer dresses!

How do I choose a location?

If you are not restricted by weather or season, then the location choice can be totally down to you! I did one maternity session at the beach where the couple got engaged, which makes it so much more sentimental I think! When I am discussing locations with my families, I direct them to my locations blog. This is by no means an exhaustive list of places available, but it is hopefully a good place to start. The most important thing is that we find a place that makes you feel amazing and provides you with the backdrop you are after! It is your shoot and your chance to shine, so I want to make it right!

mum-to-be cuddles her bump during maternity photoshoot on location
couple snuggle in from overhead during a maternity photoshoot on location