We all have New Years Resolutions don’t we? Some we stick to and some are pipe dreams. But they are our ideals, the things that you want to achieve if only you had the time! Well this is me to a tee – I make a a big list, determined to achieve everything, and I rarely get them all achieved.

Well one of my New Years Resolutions for 2018 is to produce my ‘Best of 2017’ book, and this is one that I am determined to achieve. Since my children have come along, I inevitably have more photos with no idea what to do with them all, as not all of them are worthy of precious wall space!

So I started thinking about how I could make my book as memorable as possible, and then I read a great blog post yesterday by a fellow photographer Katie Lister on what to do with the reams of art work that comes home from nursery and pre-school, and how to celebrate it and enjoy it forever rather than just ‘filing it’ or storing it in a cupboard. She suggests taking photos of the art work as soon as they come home and then you can put those photos into your yearly albums!


I absolutely love this idea – it really resonates with me and my desire to make the Best of 2017 book even better than before – and it’s so easily done! Thankfully I have kept all my children’s art work which have dates on the back. It got me thinking though, what else can I include in my book? What else can make my books go from a simple photo album, to an entire memory book? And thats when I had an idea struck me! Now my husband is very good at writing down funny or strange things that the children have said since they started talking. Things that you’ll forget over time, but things that warmed your heart or cracked you up at the time, one of my favourites being (when my son was was 3 1/2) “Daddy I’ll take your stomach apart to put some medicine in it to make you better. I don’t know how to put you back together again but you might grow to to be a butterfly”. Totally random and bonkers but totally wonderful all the same! Now what is the point of it being stored in the notes section on his phone? Why don’t I include that in my books? All photo books these days allow for text to be written alongside photos so you can slot these memories in! You could also include ‘The Big Moments’ whether it was the first time your baby crawled, the first time your daughter told you she loved you or the first time your son rode his bike without stabilisers for the first time!

This further got my thought processes pinging around. My children currently go to nursery or pre-school for two days a week, so there might be gaps in the memory books from their time when they weren’t with me. So why not incorporate any nursery or pre-school notes or feedback that you get? We are very lucky to be using Tapestry within our Nursery and Pre-school, so I can take their observation notes and pictures and include those in the memory book too. I know my children will thank me for this later on, especially when they include photos that I would never ordinarily have!

So needless to say, I am excited. I have the bit between my teeth and I can’t wait to start. These will be keepsakes forever, and hopefully tie in all our memories into one gorgeously fabulous book, which I just know will be well thumbed and loved as the kids grow up! Fingers crossed I can find enough time to do it before next Christmas!!