Enjoying quality snow time

So I don’t know about all of you, but I for one am absolutely loving the snow!

I appreciate that it’s a pain for many – roads are closed, some can’t get to work, flights are cancelled and some are potentially hating being housebound and developing cabin fever – but I can’t lie, I am like a kid at Christmas.

Whether it’s because it’s the first decent snowfall in 5 years, or whether it’s just because it makes me feel like a child again, I don’t know.

What I do know is that in the last two days I have had the most quality family time I have had in a long time. Time has stood still for us. The chores have been forgotten, the grumpiness has ceased, nobody has been told off and the only things on our minds is ‘when can we get out again’ and ‘how on earth are we going to make Danny The Snowman even bigger?’

The kids have been playing in snow which is something they’ve only been able to dream of up until now (we don’t get a lot of snow down here in Southampton), the dog is having the time of her life and acting like a puppy again, and even my husband has had an amazing time making tons of snowballs to throw at the children!

I’ve seen adults sledging and throwing themselves into piles of snow. Adults who are normally so reserved and sensible in ‘real life’, just throw caution to the wind and allow themselves just to enjoy.

Not to mention the community spirit that the snow has encouraged. I’ve seen people pushing buses,  community members offering their services with their 4×4’s and others volunteering to walk around to the houses of elderly and vulnerable to help them out.  I’ve talked more to my neighbours in the past few days than we have done in the 3 years that we’ve lived here.

It seems that the snow seems to be bringing out a community spirit, a sense of belonging and wanting to share kindness and generosity. I definitely think it’s bringing out the best in people!

Family photo minishoots in the snow

In fact I had such fun on Thursday that I offered to run some snowy minishoots on Friday morning. This was no mean feat as it could obviously only be somewhere that we could walk to, but it was totally worth it. The snow was gloriously untouched and it was an absolute delight just to watch the families play and just ‘be’ and enjoy playing and spending time together. There was no grumpiness and there was no shyness (or even awareness of the camera). It was like everyone had been given a day off from the normal everyday stresses and strains and everyone was just buoyant and happy to be together in the snow. The shrieks of delight from children and adults alike were amazing to hear and be a part of. The children were in ecstasy to feel equal to the adults for once and you can see that in the smiles on their faces. There seemed to be no hieracrchy out on the snow – children and adults were as one – being big kids! Even the dogs seemed to be smiling and having the best time of their lives.

Even Alan, the local partridge who randomly appeared in our close a few years ago, seems to be enjoying himself!
So, I am just not ready for the snow to turn to slush and disappear. I have enjoyed having a break from reality and being allowed to act like a kid again. I have enjoyed not having a routine and allowing hot chocolate just before lunchtime, just because its been a snowy day! I would love these feelings of freedom to last for a little bit longer, for the kids to be constantly happy and for me to be able to concentrate wholly on my family. So in the words of Dean Martin…let it snow!!!