The Latto Brothers at their Best

If there’s one thing to make a Mum anxious ¬†during a photo shoot, it’s a toddler who’s just woken up from a nap in a foul mood and won’t be placated! This was Sabina’s realisation when 18 month-old Rory took one look at me and the camera and refused to play ball. No amount of placating/bribing/coaxing would bring him around. Or so she thought!

Thankfully I have been a kids photographer in Winchester (and a primary school teacher before that) not to mention a mum myself long enough that these moods don’t phase me in the slightest any more, if anything I see them as a challenge. I have enough experience with kids (especially toddlers) to know that they very rarely strop for long when you’re out and about and if you offer them freedom and the chance to just run, they usually chill out after a while and forget what all the fuss was about!

Fortunately I had done a shoot at Testwood Lakes only recently (see Berry Twins blog) so I knew the location well and was happy with the type of shots I would be aiming for. Preparation is key when you’re a kids photographer – it’s important for me to know the layout of the land and what is around the corner / the other side of the lake etc as there’s nothing worse (for me) than not knowing where I am taking a family. Mums and Dads have enough stress with behaviour and keeping everyone clean without having to worry about where they will end up.

As with all toddlers, Rory was happy as Larry once he realised that there would be water for him to wade into, so we quickly moved away from the lake and headed into the long grasses. Getting wet and muddy is fine, so long as we are at the end of a shoot or Mum has a million outfit changes with her. Thankfully, 4 year old Myles was an absolute superstar and (rather surprisingly to Mum Sabina, lapped up the attention from me and the camera). Quite the little model in the making!

Anyway between the tears, bouts of running away (courtesy of Rory) and many games of bubbles and tuneful renditions of Wheels on the Bus, we got some absolutely beautiful photos of the boys which Sabina was absolutely thrilled with. No mean feat when it quickly became apparent that the boys were not able to sit too close to one another without personality clashes! Grandma had also specifically requested some photos of the boys wearing matching t-shirts, so we even managed to successfully negotiate an outfit change and fulfil grandma’s wishes!

All-in-all a very successful afternoon’s work – a brilliant afternoon with the Lattos, some cracking photos and yet again, I won against a toddler!