Hilliers Photography Shoots

I have been absolutely thrilled to have carried out many Hilliers photography shoots in the past few months and I have come to realise (as both a photographer and a Mum), that Sir Harold Hillier Gardens really does have something to offer everyone.

When I was younger, I assumed that gardens were for older people to have a look around and that they weren’t suitable for younger people. How wrong I was! My children love looking at the flowers as much as I do, not to mention the pond, the wobbly bridge, the sensory garden, the play area and not forgetting the tree house!

We have spent many happy hours at Hilliers – sometimes playing and sometimes going for a walk around the seasonal flowers and we have always had a brilliant time!

Therefore I am unbelievably excited to announce that I will be working in collaboration with the lovely people at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens to offer exclusive Hilliers photography shoots for only £150!

So what does this mean?

If you book onto one of my exclusive Hilliers photography shoots, you will receive:

  • free entry to the gardens;
  • a 1 hour photo shoot in a seasonal location;
  • 5 digital downloads;

The dates of the Hilliers photography shoots this year are:

  • Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October
  • Saturday 2nd November

The location will be chosen specifically to make the most of the seasonal flowers in bloom at the time. Since it it is an hour-long shoot, we will have enough time to walk around to different locations so you can enjoy a range of shoot locations and a variety of activities.

I am working exclusively in conjunction with Hilliers, so no other photographers will be able to offer a package like this!!

What are Sir Harold Hillier Gardens?

The Gardens

Left to Hampshire County Council in 1977 by Sir Harold Hillier, these Gardens are like no other. Over the years, from the hard work of Sir Harold Hillier himself, as well as teams of horticulturists, these exceptional Gardens have been preserved into the beautiful, seasonal and serene 180 acres that we have today.

Special Features

They feature a multitude of different species of plants and trees, and lead you on beautiful walks that have the habit of relaxing you as you step outside. They also feature a range of children’s educational tools and areas, as well as play areas, including a superb new climbing frame new for 2018.

Events and Activities

As well as the plants, trees, play areas, facilities and educational areas, Sir Harold Hilliers Gardens offer a range of courses for young and old, workshops for all hobbies and interests, and the sell-out concerts. For more information see here.

Where are Sir Harold Hillier Gardens?

Why are people choosing to have a Hilliers photography shoot?

People choose to have family photoshoots for different reasons. Some want to capture their children as they are growing up, some want to celebrate and enjoy special occasions, some want to capture generations of one family altogether and some people simply love having their photos taken. Whatever your reason for wanting to choose a photo shoot, you simply cannot choose better than one of the Hilliers photography shoots.

Seasonal flowers and plants are in bloom all year around so colours and scents just hit you whatever time of year you visit. There is space in abundance for young (and old) legs to run and let off steam. There are several play areas to enjoy and finally, and most importantly, there is the most fabulous and relaxed atmosphere that embraces everyone who walks through the gates.

And please do not worry if your children don’t like smiling or posing for the camera. I used to be a teacher and have a lot of tricks up my sleeve in order to get the most out of children, the most important being to let the children have fun and enjoy themselves. If children are chasing bubbles or sniffing flowers, they rarely think or worry about the camera that is pointing at them! The most postive and consistent feedback that I have ever received as a teacher (and am now receiving as a family photographer) is my ability to build up strong and happy relationships with the children that I work with. I will get the most out of the landscape, the surroundings and your child(ren)!