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Natural Family Photography

If you are looking to invest in some beautiful and natural family photography, then a photoshoot at Hilliers has to be considered. Apart from the fact that it covers a mere 180 acres of incredible landscape, it is the only Gardens in the country that have designated seasonal plots and stay open all year around. This means that whatever month you visit in, there will always be beds and features of interest and colour

As a Mum I visit Hilliers as the space is just perfect for my children to run off some steam, not to mention the play areas, the cafe and the incredible play trails that are laid on throighout the year!

As a Photographer I love to visit Hilliers for the colour, the space and to photograph so many people all enjoyiong the surroundings, from the very young to the very old. There is something for everyone!

It is therefore so exciting and such an honour to be in the priviledged position of being the only photographer to be able to offer an exclusive Hilliers photo shoot. Depending on the time of year and the types of shots you are hoping to achieve, we will walk around the places of interest and take photos along the way. I am always happy to head to the play areas to capture the children enjoying themselves, but I tend to advise that we do that at the end in case we don’t manage to drag them away afterwards! The shoot is an hour long so I am sure you don’t want to spend all that time sitting up a tree house!

A Hilliers Photoshoot

A natural family photography shoot at Hilliers is a beautiful opportunity to turn your family day out into some stunning and timeless memories and artwork for your walls.

As Hilliers has seasonal beds and points of interest all year around, I am thrilled that I am able to shoot all year round. We (Hilliers and myself) have teamed up to provide three different seasonal shoots per year – one in Spring, one in Autumn and one just before Christmas (which is incredibly popular for Christmas cards and presents). These dates are selected by us and booked in advance, so I cannot do alternative dates throughout the year i am afraid.  The duration of these is 1 hour, during which we will walk around the grounds and take a selection of natural shots with different group set ups as well as individual shots of the kids (these are always a winner with the Grandparents). If you are interested in booking in a larger party of 7+ members, I would advise that you book two consecutive slots so that we have time to fit in all the different combinations.

I also offer ‘alternative’ baby shoots. These are brilliant for sitters or nearly sitters and they basically involve dressing your baby up, taking a lot of photos and having a lot of fun in the process. The first of these that I offer one is around Easter where I offer a range of Easter Bunny-type clothing, some plastic eggs and a range of other accessories, and we have a play around! The second baby one I offer is in Autumn where your baby will be placed in a giant pumpkin (yes it will be provided and hollowed out and I guarantee your baby will love it – it acts as a giant bumbo so is super comfortable). These are amazing and the babies will sit for ages! Finally, I offer one just before Christmas and provide a range of clothes, snuggly toys, a giant Christmas present for them to sit in and a Christmas Pudding for them to sit in (similar to the pumpkin but not so edible)! These are so unusual, so much fun and guaranteed to tug at the heart strings!

Caroline is AMAZING at what she does!

As a family, we had never done anything like a photo shoot and with two shy girls we were a bit skeptical that she could get us all looking in the right general direction, let alone smiling!

Caroline has a real talent for making people feel comfortable and at ease. She’s brilliant with children and genuinely takes an interest in them to help them feel secure and happy in front of the camera. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and absolutely LOVE the photos! Only tricky bit is choosing our favourites!

Thanks again Caroline – we will definitely be booking in again!

Vicky Jackson

Prices and Packages

All these prices encompass both Hilliers and Caroline Jenkins Photography prices. Bookings should be made directly through Hilliers.

Seasonal Family Photoshoot – £150

  • Entry into ther gardens for all family members for the entire day
  • 1 hour photo shoot in the gardens
  • 5 high resolution to download
  • Images available on a private and password-protected gallery and will stay live for 7 days)

Seasonal Family Photoshoot – Entire Album  – £100

  • All images in colour and b&w available to downloa
  • Images available on a private and password-protected gallery and will stay live for 7 days)

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I was hoping for some lovely shots and you have exceeded far beyond my expectations. I love how you have captured the essence of our family. 

I am so glad you made the switch to photography from teaching as you are very talented.

We will definitely have another session with you next year. 
Love Dianna
Dianna Gruber

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