Photos in Vogue

I can’t believe I am writing about my work being published in Vogue! Little old me, Caroline Jenkins from Chandlers Ford, featured in an online publication as big as Vogue!

It is something that I have been striving for over the past 5 months. And here we are, at the end of March, and I have just had my third image accepted by Vogue Italia in the past 3 weeks in their subsection of Photovogue. This has over 150,000 members so is an important forum for photographers to get their work recognised by such a prestigious publication.


My First Photo in Vogue

The first image that I had accepted, is an incredibly poignant and significant photo for me, taken on the first big step on my journey as a photographer.

Last year I was off work with stress and anxiety from the school that I used to teach at. At times when I was having a really bad day, my husband needed to stay with me the whole day as I felt too anxious to even leave the house by myself.

This one particular day, we went down to Hengistbury Head (near Christchurch) together for a walk and to play with the camera. It was on this walk that we decided that I wouldn’t be returning to teaching – no job is worth your mental health – and maybe I should see if I could turn my passion for photography into a career. And that is when I took that photo. A moment to be celebrated and cherished for the rest of my life!

So the fact that Vogue liked it enough to accept it, is just truly incredible.

My Second Publication in Vogue

The second image that Vogue Italia accepted, was one taken only last week in Farley Mount, outside Winchester. Funnily enough, I blogged about a dog walk in Farley Mount only two weeks ago!

I had just finished going out walking with 11 dogs (yes you read that correctly – 11 dogs) with a view to practise taking photos of them for my upcoming doggie walk photo offer. As I left with my own dog Josie, I realised that the light was absolutely magnificent, and the scenery, with snow kissing everying in sight, was just beautiful. So Josie and I decided to go for a drive and see what we could find!

There were several comdey moments as I ended driving into villages I’d never heard of before, parking in huge snowdrifts and running across roads just to capture the perfect scene. Josie and I both got very wet, very cold and very lost. But the end result was this, so I think you could say that it was totally worth it!

My Latest Photo in Vogue

The latest photo that was accepted was taken months ago when I was researching another dog walking blog in Testwood Lakes. This is a little haven of calm and tranquility in an otherwise busy industrial estate in Southampton.

This is another significant area for me. I carried out one of my first photo shoots here with the lovely Oliver and Bethany which was so important for building my confidence and getting me used to this new job. And I haven’t looked back since!

I am genuinly so thrilled and excited to have been accepted by such an incredible instituion with such a presence in the world of imagery. It’s given me the bit between my teeth and hopefully I won’t be stopping at 3 published images featured in Vogue Italia!