Farrow Frame


The Farrow photo frames give a classic, elegant look with a vintage style. Featuring a subtle woodgrain the distinctive features of this stylish frame are it’s on-trend colour options and a cascade of moulded step drops leading to a deep recess.


I cannot list every size that the lab can make as they range from 12 x 10″ to 44 x 34″.  A couple of things worth noting though, is that any size you order relates to the glass size and not the overall frame size. Also you need to have a good idea of where the frame is going to go before you order it. I used to be the kind of person to have loads of smaller frames around but actually have now believe that one larger feature piece is better than loads of smaller ones. So my advice would be to measure the wall and work out the size that fits in best. Small wall art pieces on a large wall look lost so you want to go for loud and proud and show off your amazing image(s)!


From £110 (excluding p&p)

Single Aperture or Multi Aperture or Panoramic

The stunning frames are available in single aperture and multi aperture, so ideal if you can’t decide between one image on display or several. If you are interested, there are multiple layouts available including 4 images, 5 images, 6 images or 9 images.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss this further as I am able to make up some mock ups to demonstrate how your images would look.

Frame Choice:

Hand Made by the Lab’s own framers here in UK. I can’t tell you how stunning these frames are. Measuring 55mm wide and 35mm deep they are a beautiful and classic statement frame. With the 55mm width measurement in mind, it is worth bearing in mind that 110mm will needed to be added onto any size you order as the size that you order is the glass size not the overall size! The frame is available in 8 colours…


Slate Grey

Blue Grey

Distressed Grey

Pale Grey

Light Brown



Mount Options:

The window mounts are non-acidic, fade-resistant and museum certified card stock. All mounts are produced with a subtle bevelled edge and sit flush against your images providing a separation between print and glaze. 

Single and double mounts available.


Dark Grey

Smoke Grey

Imperial Blue



Snow White

Ice White

Mid Green

Odessa Pink

Extra details to consider:

You may also want to consider the glass in your frame. It comes with precison art glass as standard, but you can upgrade to the non-reflective acrylic glass which is totally worth it if you can’t stand reflections or are in a particularly bright room with lots of windows or lights. The non-reflective glass is not available with double mounts.

One more thing…

If you are interested in this product but are struggling to visualise your images in it, please contact me. I would love to hear from you as I am able to use software to create mock ups for you which can be easily shared.