Well these two mornings were spent trying out a new location with a good friend and her beautiful boys.

I have had my eye on Farley Mount (a popular location for families and dog-walkers alike) in Winchester for a while, and although I have been numerous times on walks, I had never ventured there as part of a photography shoot. I thought it would be perfect – lots of trees to provide much-needed shade and open fields for space and long grass to play in.

The weather was almost too sunny and beautiful during the first one so made capturing the right exposure rather tricky!

We went back a week later to practise again (luckily I have a very good friend and her son really like my snacks so will do anything I ask) but this time it was too overcast and dark! Difficult conditions for sure but I like to be challenged.

Thankfully Ezra was a brilliant model and was happy to run around for me, play with balloons and he found a new hobby of tossing glitter around!

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