Family Photography Workshop


Saturday 18th September 2021

Workshops at Hilliers 

Do you have a child who has an interest in photography but doesn’t know where to start taking a good photo? For the first time ever, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and I are teaming up to offer you an amazing opportunity – a family photography experience to learn and practise some fundamentals to taking a good photo, including composition and how to use light as effectively as possible.

Workshops will last for one hour. They will be all outdoor based so there will be the opportunity to walk and talk and practise as we go.

As an ex-primary school teacher with 13 years experience, I know the importance of giving children the time and opportunities to practise new skills, so there will only be a few basics taught and lots of time to practise and perfect those skills. For this reason, each workshop is limited to 4 children (plus accompanying  adults) so that I can spend time addressing all the questions and making sure all children are happy and confident.

What equipment do I need to bring?

This is not a technical or advanced course, so any digital camera or camera phone is sufficient. If you do bring a digital camera, I will not be providing the technical assistance to take a photo, but looking at the composition and lighting etc to take a good photo. So please only bring equpiment that you already know how to use! And make sure it is charged. 

If you are interested in more technical photographic lessons, we will be running these at Hilliers in 2022.

What is the appropriate age or experience to access this workshop?

This is family workshop is intended to be an enjoyable experience that you can share with your family members. I suggest that it would be suitable for anybody aged 8+ but absolutely no previous photographic experience is needed. 

What do we wear?

As these workshops are outdoor-based, please ensure that appropriate clothing and footwear is worn. If the weather is drizzling we will still go ahead. We will be on our feet for the full hour.

Consent Forms

As this is a new venture between myself and Hilliers, we would really appreciate the opportunity to create some new marketing photos for us to use next time we advertise the course. If you are happy for me to photograph your child (as they take part in the course and take photos) then I would really appreciate you signing a consent form giving me permission!