A Family Phootshoot at Danebury Hill Fort

When a new client books a family photoshoot in Stockbridge, one of the first questions I ask is where they would like to shoot at. The beauty of my family shoots is that they are up to 3 hours and at a location of the family’s choosing. I always suggest choosing a location that is personal to the family if and where possible. If there is nowhere suitable then I direct them to my location blog. This is a blog that I am always updating with new and fresh ideas of locations I have shot at, which hopefully will provide some inspiration.

Today I am showcasing Danebury Hill Fort just on the outskirts of Stockbridge. It is actually a tremendously significant Iron age Hil Fort, but I just love the space and freedom and fun it provides!

during a family photoshoot in Stockbridge, a mum poses with her son at danebury hill fort
boy runs up and down hills during a family photoshoot in Stockbridge

Why Danebury Hill Fort?

Danebury Hill Fort is an important area of nature conservation not to mention archealogy and history. I have been going there for years as it is the most amazing place to blow off steam and let the children run free! My children could spend all day running up and down the hills I swear, but I get more excited by the feelings of freedom and blowing the cobwebs away. Once you exit the car park you are faced with a bit of a steep hill climb to the top (where the monument is) at which you are at the base of loads of other hills. It’s so easy to set up camp for a day and just let the children run free. There is a beautiful walk around the top (which I have linked to below) but I don’t tend to follow this when I come here and shoot.

This location, in terms of shoots, is all about the freedom, the space and the views! As you can tell from the photos, there is no shade or cover, so if you wanted to book a family photoshoot here, the time of day and season would need to be carefully considered. I shot here with Eleanor and Carter recently and even at 9.30am on a March morning it was too bright at times! This is the place where you want cloud cover or ideally, a really stormy-looking sky as coupled with those views the photos would be sensational!

family photoshoot in Stockbridge
silhoutte of a parent and child during a family photoshoot in Stockbridge

My Style as a Family Photographer

I always start a family photoshoot off asking what the family are looking for. From their answers I can guage how to run the shoot. Most of the time the Mum (let’s face it – it’s nearly always Mums who organise the shoots as they’re sick of not being in any photos) replies that she wants a mix of fun ones with a few more ‘nice’ ones of all of them. Depending on the vibe of the children (and how easily they can be persuaded with chocolate), I try to get a few ‘bankers’ in early doors!  I always find that once the children (and husband) have warmed up and realised that I am not scary nor is it a horrendous experience, everyone naturally relaxes and starts having a good time! Generally though, we’ll mix up posing with jumping / climbing / chasing bubbles and generally having a lovely time.

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