Family Photoshoot in Ashurst – Deerleap

If you’re looking for a family photoshoot in Ashurst or surrounding areas, one of the first questions I ask families is where they would like to shoot at. The beauty of my family shoots is that they are up to 3 hours and at a location of the family’s choosing. I always recommend a location that is personal or special to the family then I direct my clients to my location blog. This is a blog that I am always updating with new and fresh ideas of all locations I have shot at, which hopefully will provide some inspiration.

Today I am showcasing Deerleap on the outskirts of the New Forest. It is one of those places that you can easily pass a few hours walking, den-building and generally just enjoying the space!

This was a gorgeous session I spent with Vicki, her son Max and their bonkers dog Barnaby. Even in at 9.30am March it was bright so we opted for shade and a very chilled session building dens with max which was just fabulous!

Although the most beautiful setting for photos, on very bright days there is little shade cover (as you can see from the photos here of Vicki and Max), unless you want to be based within the trees. So if you are considering here for a family photoshoot in Ashurst, it might be worth considering the time of day or season that you choose to shoot in).

during a family photoshoot in Ashurst boy  makes a den

Why Deerleap?

If you are looikng for space, freedom and just time back to nature, then Deerleap is the place to come. On the outskirts of the New Forest it has many familiar charcateristics, from the New Forest horses to the sheer expanse of space that makes you feel on top of the world.

Located just outside of Ashurst, on the same road as Longdown Activity Farm, it has ample (and free) parking although it does get busy on the weekends!

So far as activities at Deerleap go – it is the perfect location for dog-walking, ball games (but be careful to avoid the horse poo), den-building, mountain-biking or walking to the pub with the family for Saunday lunch (there is a pub in Beaulieu that you can walk to from here)!

Mum and son cuddles during a family photoshoot in Ashurst
happy golden retriever during a family photoshoot in Ashurst

My Style as a Family Photographer

As you can probably tell from the photos – I don’t go in for super posed or formal photos when I am shooting families, especially where young children are concerned. I feel, that as a family photographer in Ashurst, it is my job to create an experience whereby you all have fun and forget I am there. If the children can relax and enjoy theselves, I am far more likely to get the best out of them and therefore get the images that best reflect your family relationships and family unit! I got some bankers of Vicki and Max (and Barnaby before he found the muddy puddles) and then we literally played and chilled. By the end, Max was so relaxed and happy around me that it wasn’t a chore or effort for him to pose for me and he was happy not only to pose but he also told me what he wanted to do for the photos which was awesome!

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