Family Photography Information

So, you know that you want to book in a shoot for the family – whether it be to celebrate the extended family or just capture the little ones before they go and grow any more, but what now? What type of shoot do you choose? You probably want some more family photography information to find out more!

Well it may be of interest to you that I run two different types of family shoots which hopefully will help you with your decisions.

Full Family Shoots

These are my most popular family shoots that can be booked all year around. I am very flexible so they can be booked on a date and at a location of your choice, subject to availability of course!

They are perfect for families who:

  • want to relax and enjoy themselves over a longer period of time (I allow up to 3 hours for these sessions so it is a great opportunity for everybody to really relax)
  • would like to have a say in location – especially if there is somewhere special they would like to have their shoot at;
  • have a specific date in mind that they would like their shoot to take place;
  • have a larger or extended family;
  • are worried about how their children will respond to a quick shoot, as they know that their child(ren) may take a while to warm up and relax into the shoot;
girl playing in the blossom - family photography information

Mini Shoots

I offer these shoots seasonally so they are only available 4 times a year over one weekend per shoot. The location and weekend is pre-determined by me and dependant on colours, weather and flower growth. Each session lasts 30 minutes (maybe longer if we need to walk to get to the best location). I offer the following minishoots: Bluebells in April / May, Lavender in July, Autumn leaves in October and Christmas in November.

These sessions are great for families who:

  • want to update their photos at home but don’t need loads of varied photos;
  • believe that 30 minutes is enough time before their children max out;
  • are quite happy to have the date and the location chosen for them;
  • have a smaller number of family members;
  • would rather book shorter mini sessions throughout the year in 4 different locations than have one big shoot in one location.
family photographer in Winchester - dad throwing toddler in the air