What’s the big deal with Autumn photography?

As a family photographer in Winchester, I have to say that I love photographing families and children in all seasons as they all offer something unique and wonderful. If I was to be honest though, I would have to say that photography shoots in Autumn light a little fire in my heart and put the biggest smile on my face. It is my absolute favourite of all the seasons and offers so much, mainly for the following reasons:


The light in Autumn couldn’t be more beautiful – it’s hazy, soft and it’s more consistent so you never get those harsh shadows and blown out highlights. There’s something to be said for the light at Golden Hour as well – just wow! It’s flattering, warm and generally just gorgeous!


You can’t deny that the colours in Autumn are just incredible! The lush and vibrant greens of summer have been replaced with stunning browns, reds and oranges which are just so warming, flattering and striking, especially when combined with beautiful and complementary clothes!

Back to nature

I think one of the reasons I love to shoot in Autumn so much is the sheer freedom and fun that it generates. Who doesn’t love picking acorns, playing conkers or throwing leaves around? It truly embraces an outdoor and natural feel to a shoot – two factors of photography I feel very passionate about!


The final reason for loving Autumn shoots is the temperature. Gone is the somewhat overbearing heat of the summer sun with the freezing temperatures of Winter still some way off! I find children in particular, respond really well to Autumn shoots as they are more comfortable and therefore have more fun!

More information:

I have lots of different opportunities for family photography in Winchester, depending on your requirements or interests.


I have an exclusive contract with Sir Harold Hillier Gardens to provide hour-long mini shoots in October. These will be in seasonal areas of Hilliers. If you are interested please visit my Hilliers page.

Autumn Mini shoots:

I am running 1/2 hour mini-shoots in October. These will involve posing and play in the beautiful leaves – perfect if you want a quick session to capture your family. Please see my mini shoots page if you are interested.

Full Family Shoots:

If you have a love of Autumn and you want to embrace the colour, leaves and light, then a full family shoot would be ideal for you. Full family shoots can be booked at a time and location (subject to availability) that suits you and will be tailored around your requirements. Please see my families page for more information.

•• AUTUMN SAVING** I am also delighted to announce that if you book a weekday family shoot with me before 31st October, you will get the shoot cost for FREE! That’s a saving of £49! Please see my Specials Offer page for more information.

I hope that has answered any questions you may have about shoots in Autumn. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me.