Family Photo Shoots

Make it Personal

For me, booking a family photo shoot is about spending quality family time together, enjoying each others company and having it captured for you to enjoy and rememver forever. I feel passionately that family shoots should be very personal – they should be tailored specifically around your family, from choosing a location that excites your family, to choosing a time that allows for all members to feel up for it and not tired or hangry!

Choosing the right location is an essential step in making the photo shoot work for you. Are you a family who likes lots of colourful flowers? Or are you a family who wants to go for a dog walk in a favourite spot? Or maybe all your kids want to do is climb trees or splash in the water? These answers will help us decide upon the perfect location for your shoot.

I have realised over time that if the children are happy and excited (whether they are toddlers or teenagers) then the parents relax and it makes for a far happier, relaxed and more genuine shoot! This has a massive impact on the images. If you’re unsure of a location or don’t know where to start, then please get in contact as I have lots of places that I can recommend.

Duration of a Family Photo Shoot

I allow up to 3 hours for my family shoots but the duration normally depends on where we go and how much fun we’re having! We can just take it at your pace which is a very relaxing and rewarding way to shoot!

I always bring ‘props’ and ‘rewards’ with me on family shoots which children love, especially the bubble machine! It’s great to bring these out if the children are not as engaged as you want them to be or if you just want a natural break!

Generally though, we keep shooting and playing as long as everyone is enjoying themselves! A lot of children can start off feeling self-conscious but when they realise that they’re allowed to run, climb trees or throw leaves around, they tend to relax very quickly and forget that they’re having their photo taken at all!

Step 1: Plan your Family Photo Shoot

Step 2: Arrange your Family Photo Shoot

Arrange your photo shoot

Please feel free to contact me and we can start making plans!

Step 3: Pick your Package (after you’ve seen the images)

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