The Berry Family Photo Shoot

What a brilliant family photo shoot (minus dad who was busy at work) this was for the adults and children alike.

I tried Testwood Lakes (just on the outskirts of Southampton) for the first time as a shoot location (rather than a family-friendly dog walk) and it was perfect! Long grass to run through, a lake to throw stones in and even some logs to climb on. I will definitely be returning soon!

Bethany and Oliver were the atypical models for a family photo shoot. Bethany would do anything and everything to please  me and wanted to look at the back of the camera after every shot I took. She loved seeing how amazing she looked and this inspired her to do even more for me. Oliver, despite being totally gorgeous and a lovely chap, was a typical 3 year old boy! If there was a log, he climbed on it. When we were by the water, he threw stuff in it. And if I asked him to hold hands with his sister, it became a running race!

This is why I love the variety of my job so much. Nobody can predict what a child will do in a shoot and I love that about each and every shoot. All children behave differently and bring different characteristics and fun to a family photo shoot, which is where the variety comes in. Yes, I may suggest certain poses or activities to do, but I guarantee a child, especially a young one, will always take those suggestions with a pinch of salt and do their own thing at the same time. This is where individual personalities are reflected in the photos and all of a sudden become so special to the parents and family members.

So as you can probably guess, the shoot location of Testwood Lakes was a big hit and these super amazing twins were awesome to work with! I would definitely do another family photo shoot at Testwood Lakes and I would love to work with Oliver and Bethany again!