Family Photography at Farley Mount Monument

As a family photographer in Winchester, I am always on the lookout for new locations to take my families to. I am always where the best places are for a family photo shoot in Winchester, so a couple of years ago I started my locations blog. This is basically a list of all the local places where I have worked in the past and know well. It is not an exhasutive list by any stretch, but I am adding to it all the time!

I have known Farley Mount for many years, as I quite often go there for dog walks, but I only recently discovered the Monument (despite it being the most iconic thing about Farley Mount). Then last summer I got the opportunity to shoot there and it was fabulous! The walk there alone in amongst all the long grasses was gorgeous, but the views captured at the top of the hill by the Monument were extraordinary!

family photo shoot in winchester at farley mount
girl twirls during a famiuly photo shoot in winchester

What can we do at Farley Mount?

The selling point of Farley Mount is the space and the freedom you get there.It is absolutely perfect for dogs and children alike to run off their energy. It is a huge country park with at least 6 different car parks and entrances, but the Monument walk is great if you want views and to feel like you’re on top of the world! The Monument itself was erected to house and commemorate a horse who leapt into a 25ft chalk pit in 1733. It is placed on top of a little hill which is up a bigger hill, so when you finally get to the top, you do feel like you’re in the clouds! And on a beautiful day, you can see for miles!

mum and son during a family photo shoot in winchester in farley mount

My style as a family photographer 

Before I became a photographer I was a primary school teacher for 13 years, so I like to think I have a bit of an understanding of children. And what I have realised over the years, is that the more you constrain them and tell them what not to do, the more they’ll stiffen up. That is why I like to run all my shoots in a very natural and relaxed way – whether it’s chasing bubbles, jumping off things or playing hide and seek. This way not only will the children relax and enjoy themselves, they’re also more likely to do the sitting and smiling photos for me as they will have realised that a photo shoot isn’t all bad!

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