Family Photo Shoot in Chandlers Ford

This is a story that features parents, grandparents, a little girl called Emily and her dog Harry (the most amazing, if rather excitable, Cavashon puppy)

It was a special photo shoot in Chandlers Ford that was requested by mum Candice, who wanted to capture the whole family together while her parents were over here on their current trip from South Africa.

It was a beautiful opportunity to capture the relationships between Emily and all four of her grandparents who are all so special and prominent in her life. One set she sees on a weekly basis when they look after her, and the other set she skypes on a regular basis, so there were definitely no strangers in this family!

Emily was not particularly keen about having her photo taken, and favoured the tongue sticking-out pose instead. Thankfully all the tricks of the trade were used and I was able to capture her in her natural beauty without a tongue in sight! Thank heavens for the distraction techniques!

Reaching a Decision about Where and When

We chose this particular park in Chandlers Ford as it was familiar to all members of the family, Harry and more importantly it was convenient for Dad who had to come to the shoot straight from work.

Normally shooting in an open space such as this, in August, is not a good idea as the sun is so bright and can cause really contrasty images. People assume that you want bright sunshine for shoots, but in my mind nothing can be further from the truth. When the sky is directly overhead it can either blow out the highlights and give people dark shadows around their face, or they’re squinting. Neither is a great look! For this reason we chose to shoot later in the afternoon, plus as it happens, it was quite an overcast day so the lighting became quite uniform. This can be one of the challenges of being an outdoor photographer who relies heavily on the weather.

Capturing Special Moments

For me, I think what was so special and lovely about this shoot was how much it reflects a happy extended family and actually how lovely it is to have some family shots with both sets of grandparents. With one set living in South Africa, it is very rare that Emily has all four grandparents together at once, so I think being able to capture this is incredible important! As I get older and since I have had children of my own, I place more and more emphasis on family time, family photos and the importance of capturing those precious moments and relationships. Plus what a wonderful way to celebrate the closeness between a 4 year old and their grandparents.