This was a fantastic shoot. Jane contacted me asking if I could do a last-minute shoot as it was Grandpa’s birthday in a few weeks and she was hoping to capture all the grandchildren together in a set of images that the whole family could then give Grandpa for his birthday.

We chose to meet at St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester which was a very significant place for the whole family, as Grandpa used to take his children there for walks throughout their childhood. So after an interesting climb up the hill which involved various buggies, bags and toddlers on the loose, we finally made it to the top where the views over the whole of Winchester, are absolutely sensational!

Don’t they say don’t ever work with animals or children? Well for this shoot I was capturing a 12, 3, 2 and 1 year old, whilst being watched on by the large of herd of cattle! And we all had a great time!

The balloons and snacks definitely helped, as did the sense of freedom and space that we had to play in. The children were a delight and even managed to stay still for a few minutes enabling me to capture some beautiful shots!