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Easter Bunny Shoot

The pandemic is, finally, allowing us more freedom just in time for Easter! And you know what that means – we get to dress your babies up as Easter Bunnies and all things cute!!!

As in Autumn when I have a desire to stick babies in pumpkins, and at Christmas when I want to stick them in a large Christmas Pudding, at Easter I have a desire to photograph babies and toddlers being all cute dressed up as Easter bunnies! Well, this is my intention, but let’s face it – when working with babies and toddlers, the best laid-plans don’t always go according to plan!

So my proposal is this: you bring the baby (and any costumes or accessories if you don’t want to borrow mine) and I will take pictures of them looking all cute!

How does an Easter Bunny shoot work?

I will provide the props and outfits, you provide the baby (and any accessories that you would rather use) and between us we will have a lot of fun! Clothing is optional!

It is worth having a think first about clothes that can either be removed quickly, or clothes that would look good , to save any faffing or wardrobe malfunctions on the day (if you want to change outfits).  Also a warm blanket is a good idea for immediately after in case they are cold, although I am really hoping it will be much warmer by then.

From previous experience, it is definitely worth bringing along favourite squeaky toys or things to engage with your little one to encourage those beaming smiles, especially as they may well be wearing headwear (which they are deaprelay trying to pull off) or have a fluffy outfit on that they do not understand!


The shoot will be at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens (SO51 0QA). There is the main car park on the left, which you can park in, or the car park closest to the entrance. Follow the path that is parallel to the main path toward the entrance. It will loop around to the left and you should come to a large patch of daffodils. I will meet you here. We are using Hilliers grounds without having to go in (I have cleared this with Hilliers so it is fine)!

Clothing and Props:

I have bought a selection of clothes that you are very welcome to dress your little person in if you would like:

  • 1 pink and 1 blue Easter bunny costume in size 12-18 months.
  • 1 grey long sleeved bodysuit (aged 6-12 months) could be paired with white tights underneath which would look super cute?
  • 1 pink long sleeved bodysuit (aged 12-18 months) could be also paired with white tights underneath which would look super cute?
  • 1 pink tutu, bunny ears and a tail suitable for toddlers
  • 1 ladybird tutu and head boppers suitable for a toddler
  • Selection of bunny ears and bunny hats (made with baby soft wool) made by a friend;

Please bear in mind though, as all of these costumes and accessories are fabric, I will be unable to clean them in between babies. If you would like to provide your own though to remain more COVID-secure, you are very welcome!

If you little person won’t fit into any of these, or you’d rather they wear something different then this of course totally and absolutely fine.

If you have any Easter props or teddies that you think would work then please feel free to bring these along. It’d be good to get it as personalised as possible!



Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th. You will need to book a 30 minute slot between 10am and 2pm.


The location will be decided nearer the time when I can ascertain the colours around. It will be in and around Chandlers Ford or Winchester though!

How Much?

£35 for a 1/2 hour appointment. Afterwards you will receive a link to a private gallery of your images, where you will be able to download all images in full resolution. You will also be able to purchase products from the online shop affiliated with the gallery.