Easter Bunny Shoot

Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd March 2023

What is an Easter Bunny Shoot?

Here at Caroline Jenkins Photography I offer many different photo shoots; from newborns to minishoots to dogs to families. I pride myself in thinking there is something for everyone. For sheer hilarity and the cute factor though, my baby mini series (including Easter Bunny shoots, Baby Pumpkin shoots and Christmas Pudding shoots) win hands down!

Whether it’s gorgeous imagery you’re after or purely to use as bribery along the way, you cannot go wrong with an Easter Bunny shoot!

For 30 mins we will dress up, play and laugh all in the name of getting cracking photos of them (no pun intended)!

Toddler eats easter egg during Easter bunny shoot
girl shows off cute peter rabbit leggings during an easter bunny shoot

How does an Easter Bunny shoot work?

An Easter Bunny shoot works in the same way to a minishoot – I set up camp at a location for a particular date and all my lovely clients come to me. That’s how I am able to keep costs so low – because there is no time spend travelling about or constantly setting up and putting away.

I will provide some props and outfits, you provide the baby (and any accessories that you would rather use) and between us we will have a lot of fun! If you would prefer to just have some lovely spring-like photos of your baby/toddler this is absolutely fine! Also, I have the most adorable nest for a baby to sit in, so if you can find a chick costume then happy days!

It is worth having a think first about clothes that can either be removed quickly or combinations that would look good. This will save any wardrobe malfunctions on the day.  A warm blanket is a good idea for immediately after in case they are cold.

From previous experience, it is definitely worth bringing along favourite squeaky toys or things to engage your little one and encourage those beaming smiles. I always ask the adults to stand over the top of me whilst I lay down to get the best photos. Anything you can dangle or squeak over my head to get your baby’s attention, the better!

Also over the past two years several of my clients have brought along Easter eggs for their little people to have. This is epic on so many levels – the photos, the amount of mess not to mention the impressive speed with which the toddlers devour them! Obviously you do not have to do this at all, but it is a lovely thing to capture and it makes the shoot even more fabulous!







See my Easter Bunny Baby Shoot Portfolio


I haven’t yet finalised the best spot as it all depends on light and colour. Last year I shot at Hilliers which worked beautifully so I will leave this information here but it may change nearer the time if I find somewhere better!

The shoot will be at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens (SO51 0QA). There is the main car park on the left, which you can park in, or the car park closest to the entrance. Follow the path that is parallel to the main path toward the entrance. It will loop around to the left and you should come to a large patch of daffodils. I will meet you here. We are using Hilliers grounds without having to go in (I have cleared this with Hilliers so it is fine)!

quadruplets pose in sunglasses for an Easter bunny shoot
Baby shows off bunny bob tail during easter bunny shoot

Clothing and Props:

I have a selection of clothes that you are very welcome to use in if you would like:

  • fluffy pink and fluffy blue Easter bunny costume in size 12-18 months.
  • grey long sleeved bodysuit (aged 6-12 months) could be paired with white tights underneath which would look super cute?
  • pink long sleeved bodysuit (aged 12-18 months) could be also paired with white tights underneath which would look super cute?
  • pink tutu, bunny ears and a tail suitable for toddlers
  • ladybird tutu and head boppers suitable for a toddler
  • selection of bunny ears and bunny hats (made with baby soft wool) made by a friend;

Please bear in mind though, as all of these costumes and accessories are fabric, I will be unable to clean them in between babies. You are more than welcome to provide your own though.

Also if you have any Easter props or teddies that you think would work then please feel free to bring these along. It’d be good to get it as personal as possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Any oufits / costumes that you want your little person to wear (if you want something different to those that I provide). A hat or hair accessories or bunny ears if appropriate. Chocolate if you want your Easter bunny to have some Easter egg. Their favourite toy or cuddly that you waggle at them to make them smile.

What do we do if the weather doesn't play ball?

If the weather looks too cold or wet for us to comfortably shoot outside, then we will postpone to another date.

When will I get the images?

I will get the digital images back to you with enough time to spare before Easter that you can use the images to create Easter cards etc.

I want to turn my images into presents for my family - can you help with that?

I certainly can. When you received your gallery of images, you are able to shop directly through the shop, or alternatively you can look at the products part of the website.

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions – I would love to hear from you!

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