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I love my dog. Before my children came along she was my baby, my pride and joy, my everything. We took her everywhere, included her in everything and spent goodness knows how many hours on the floor cuddling and playing with her. And we took a million photos of her!

Then the children came along, and our relationship changed. I still love her immensely and she’s still my fur baby, but now I have very loud and demanding little people to care for and sadly Josie is no longer my main priority. She is still awesome don’t get me wrong – she loves playing in the snow, loves going on long walks and loves a good old tummy rub. But I take fewer photos. And she’s getting older, slower and greyer. And much as I refuse to acknowledge it, one day she won’t be here.

So I am making a determined effort to photograph her more – to capture her personality as she chases the hose, lies around on her back waiting for a tummy rub or has a funny five when she spins around like a lunatic! I want to be able to remember her as the nutter that she is, no matter how grey she gets!

Sometimes life can be so hectic that we can forget to take a moment to appreciate what we have in our dogs. They are incredible. Always smiling, always happy to see us with a wagging tail and unbelievably important for our mental health. We are their world and they are here to be loved and celebrated!

So I am opening up my dog photography branch of my business purely for my love of dogs and wanting to be able to provide everybody with beautiful images to enjoy forever!

What do you need to know?

  • I want to be able to capture your dogs essence and soul – what makes them special / unique / bonkers / loveable (delete as applicable).
  • So I can capture your furry friend as accurately and beautifully as possible, I propose we spend an hour together on a walk. I have a lot of different dog walks up my sleeve that I have been on over the years, but likewise I am more than happy for you to take the lead and introduce me to a new walk if your dog has a particular favourite!
  • Like children, dogs have different energy levels, abilities and attention levels. I want to capture your dog at their best, so if that means all they want to do is chase a ball then that is what we will do for an hour. And if they won’t pose for me? Then we will just enjoy and capture them doing what they love to do best!
  • If your dog(s) has any dietary requirements, please let me know as I like to bring along a few little treats for encouragement/reward benefits.
  • After the shoot I will deliver the images in an online gallery that is only accessible by a direct link. The images will be in colour and black & white, will be in full resolution and a download PIN will be provided.

Prices and Packages

These prices refer to a 1 hour shoot and walk.  It also includes your photos in colour and b&w uploaded at high resolution in a password-protected gallery online

Monday – Friday £49

Weekends/Bank Holidays £75

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