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There is a reason that dogs are called man’s best friend – and I don’t think you could a more loyal or wonderful friend than a dog! The unswerrving love and adoration they have for us, the joy they bring us, the comfort they provide, not to mention the fact that they force us up and outside in the fresh air everyday.  Quite simply – dogs are awesome!

As a dog owner for the past 10 years to my chocolate labrador Josie, I am a firm believer that dogs are not just pets. They are part of the family and should be celebrated, enjoyed and spoiled, just like the kids. It so easy to take loads of photos of the kids as they grow up and forget about the dogs. So it is for these reasons that as a dog photographer in Chandlers Ford,  I have started offering dog shoots as part of my photography packages.

The dog shoot will be you, me and your dog(s) for an hour at your favourite walk. I will capture the essence and nature of your dog, whether it be chilling, chasing a ball or just looking pretty.

dog photographer in chandlers ford - cockerpoo in the early morning fog
cocker spaniel puppy at 10 weeks

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What walk should we do?

This is completely up to you. I have several up my sleeve in and around Chandlers Ford and Winchester, but I love finding out new ones as well! The whole point of this shoot is to capture your dog at their best, so if they have a favourite walk then I would suggest we go there!

Do I need to bring anything?

Not apart from the normal things you would take on your walk. I will bring a bag of dog biscuits or cocktail sausages with me, as I have found in the past that the dogs will do anything for me once they have discovered my sausage stash! This is entirely at your discretion though!

What do we do if the weather is horrible?

I will always try and postpone our shoot if the weather is gross, as not only will it look miserable in the photos, but I will end up lying in far too much mud!

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