Dog Photography

Dog Photography

There is a reason that dogs are called man’s best friend – and I don’t think you could a more loyal or wonderful friend than a dog! The unswerrving love and adoration they have for us, the joy they bring us, the comfort they provide, not to mention the fact that they force us up and outside in the fresh air everyday.  Quite simply – dogs are awesome!

As a dog owner for the past 12 years to my chocolate labrador Josie, I am a firm believer that dogs are not just pets. They are part of the family and should be celebrated, enjoyed and spoiled, just like the kids. It so easy to take loads of photos of the kids as they grow up and forget about the dogs. So it is for these reasons that as a dog photographer in Chandlers Ford,  I have started offering dog photography as part of my photography packages.

The dog shoot will be you, me and your dog(s) for an hour at your favourite walk. I will capture the essence and nature of your dog, whether it be chilling, chasing a ball or just looking pretty. I would advise that any ball or water-play is done after we have a few bankers. This is to ensure that we manage to capture your dog before they either become ball-obsessed or wet!
























Where can we have our dog shoot?


My recommendation would be try and hold your dog photography shoot in a location known to your dog already. Although it is lovely watching dogs exploring their surroundings, we want the dogs to be on the more chilled side of things as I will ask them to sit and lie down to pose for me(hopefully). I have found in the past that if a dog is too alert and excited by being in a new location, they may be too busy to stop for us!

Having said that however, if your local walk isn’t up to much or isn’t very colourful, then I have attached links below to my family-friendly dog walk blogs and my family photography locations blog as these may provide some inspiration!

























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How does a dog photography work?

My dog photography shoots are so simple and so fun. We will meet at your chosen location and walk and talk for an hour. Do not be alarmed if I lie down on the wet / muddy ground – I like to shoot from the dogs eye height which inevitably mean lying on the ground! And please don’t worry if your dog takes to climbing all over me – this is nothing that I haven’t gone through in the past!

If your dog is particularly young, energetic or is at a new location for the first time, it may be advisable to let them have a run around before we meet. This would work well to get the excess energy out of their system and means I might actually stand a good chance of capturing them in a more stationary position!

I always ask the owners in advance if I can bring treats for my dogs in the form of gravy bones or cocktail sausages. I have found in the past that the dogs are like putty in my hands when they know i have sausages on me just for them! Obviously though, if your dog has dietary requirements or you would rather I didn’t feed them up then this is absolutely fine!

As I mentioned above, I am absolutely happy to get the ball out or allow for splashing and swimming, I would maybe just wait until we have captured some dry/non ball-obsessed ones first because I know that with many dogs, once the ball is out then that’s all they care about. And as for the water – well it’s lovely to capture but a wet dog look is never as handsome or pretty as a dry dog look!

dog photography in chandlers ford

I can’t describe what a fun time we had with Caroline taking piccies of my 2 troublesome dogs. Caroline was so patient, made the session fun and full of doggie treats. The end result of photos is fabulous – she has caught the dogs’ characters and they love her. I think they would have preferred to go home with her – and Caroline travelled miles to meet us for the photo shoot. Nothing was too much trouble. If you want great photos of your pets, look no further

Karen Oakes

dad and baby gazing at one another during a baby photoshoot in chandlers ford

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to bring anything?

Not apart from the normal things you would take on your walk. I will bring a bag of dog biscuits or cocktail sausages with me, as I have found in the past that the dogs will do anything for me once they have discovered my sausage stash! This is entirely at your discretion though!

What do we do if the weather looks miserable?

I will always try and postpone our shoot if the weather is gross, as not only will it look miserable in the photos, but I will end up lying in far too much mud!

Can I have a couple of photos taken with my dog?

Of course! They are your babies and I don’t blame you in the slightest for wanting to have a couple of with them.

My dog is at end of life - can you come to me?

Absolutely! The most heartbreaking of circumstances can be made a little bit easier by having some special moments and memories captured.

Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions – I would love to hear from you!

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