It’s A Dog’s Life

I love my dog. Before my children came along she was my baby, my pride and joy and my everything. We took her everywhere, included her in everything and spent goodness knows how many hours on the floor cuddling and playing with her. And we took a million dog photos!

Then the children came along, and our relationship changed. I still love her immensely and she’s still my fur baby, but she’s no longer my only responsibility. I have very loud and demanding little people to care for, and sadly Josie is no longer my main priority. She is still awesome don’t get me wrong – she has loved playing in the snow this month, loves going on long walks and loves a good old tummy rub. But I take fewer photos. And she’s getting older, slower and greyer. And much as I refuse to acknowledge it, one day she won’t be here.

So I am making a determined effort to photograph her more – to capture her personality as she jumps for a snowball, or chases the hose, or has a funny five when she spins around like a lunatic! I want to be able to remember her as the nutter that she is, no matter how grey she gets!

Sometimes life can be so hectic with normality that we can forget to take a moment to appreciate what we have in our dogs. Or our children, or life in general, are so all-consuming that we might not give our dogs the love and attention that they deserve!

Year of the Dog Promotion

As you may already know, 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog so I am running a special promotion for a 50% off session fee if you book a full family photoshoot with your furry friend. I love running family shoots with dogs – they are a family’s best friend so why shouldn’t they be included as well? It certainly adds a lot more fun to being outdoors.

Dog Walk Promotion

You may be desperate for new and updated photos of your dog but never have the chance to do so!  Or alternatively, she or he may never stay still long enough for you to capture their personalities in an image! Regardless of the reason, it is always nice to have decent images of your dog.

So I am also running a dog walk promotion. This would mean that I would accompany you and your dog(s) on a walk of your choice in the local area, and I will shoot away. the beauty of shooting dogs is that they will take the lead from their owners – so if you know they are ball-mad then we take some balls and capture them playing!

So what do you need to know?

  • It will cost £100 for a walk of up to 1.5 hours and will include a minimum of 15 high-resolution images on a private gallery
  • You can choose a location where your dog feels happy and conmfortable and I will join you
  • I will provide some treats (if you are happy for me to do so) which hopefully may encourage your dog to play ball (no pun intended!!)
  • I will endeavour to capture your dog as chilled out and as bonkers as they are normally
  • If there are any special toys or games that you normally play with your dog, then I would love to see them!
  • I am more than happy to capture you alongside the doggy