This beautiful shoot took place around the River Itchen in Twyford, Winchester which was truly stunning and very sentimental to the family, who used to go there a lot as children. I love taking photos of families and children in a personally special location – it makes the photographs so much more important and poignant I think.

Joe and Lexi (the two older children) had their younger cousins over from the Caribbean for a rare and treasured fortnight of quality family time. It was only right to capture these four delightful and happy children enjoying each others company, so I was thrilled when Mum asked if I would be able to join them for a few hours near their home in Winchester.

Anyway, we managed to time the shoot to perfection so had wonderful light, the location to ourselves and 4 very happy and willing models and everybody was thrilled with the results, even if I did end up wading into the river and lying in a cow pat to achieve the best photos! The things we do to capture the perfect moment!


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