A very different shoot for me today, but one that was no less fun or interesting. Nic (from Clinical Pilates in Lock’s Heath) had asked me to take some head shots and pilates poses for her new website and facebook page.

Not the usual high energy shoot in the great outdoors, but so interesting and interactive as Nic had to check each image to check her body positions. I learned loads about different pilates positions and it was fascinating watching an instructor in action and verbalise all the different moves. Is it cruel that I made her hold the plank for slightly longer than I needed?

So I provided Nic with the colour and black and white versions of each image, and she decided on the black and white which would provide a clean and consistent feel with her pages. She is very pleased with the images and I am very impressed with her flexibility and strength – maybe it’s time I started practising what I photograph!!!

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