Pilates Poses and Headshots

This was a totally different type of shoot for me which I absolutely loved. As a photographer of young children running around outside, I have to admit that I was somewhat intrigued when Nicola contacted me from Clinical Pilates Hampshire to enquire about shooting some pilates poses and headshots for her website. There would be no chasing around after young children, no bribing or stopping for snacks and definitely no need for bubbles or balloons!

Nicola explained that she had a theme in mind for her website but wasn’t sure how that translated into photos. So we worked together, spent a LOT of time looking at Pinterest and finally decided what sorts of photos she was after. This was a shoot that required a lot of careful planning and preparation.

The Shoot

So while Nicola was meticulously planning and practising her poses, I had to set to work practising the lighting set up. As I said, I normally shoot outside so always use natural light, hence the challenge! Shooting in a studio-setting with fixed lighting is a very different ball game. Luckily I have a very useful husband who not only understands all these things, but also has all the equipment so he was able to give me some much-needed 1:1 tuition!

Being an outdoor photographer in Winchester, I obviously have no premises or studio in which to shoot, but luckily Nicola has a very lovely friend in the form of Julie Raines who is the owner at Charlie Locks – a fabulous skin care company based in an industrial unit.

Julie was amazingly kind in lending us a white internal wall inside her unit. This may sound random but Nicola and I had decided that her photos would be clean and crisp, so it was important that the backdrop would be completely clear and uncluttered. This is so the entire focus of the shoot would be on the poses that Nicola was demonstrating. Now this all sounds very plausible and reasonable until you see the size of the space I was working in – in order to get the whole of Nicola in my frame, I had to squeeze myself into some very special shapes and spaces! The things we do for our art hey? I am not complaining though – we would have been lost without that space!

It was really interesting though as my style is normally quite reactive to the children and families I work with. I tend to pose less and react more to get those natural moments. This pilates poses and headshots shoot though could not have been more different though. It was calm and relaxed and lovely. It was much more of an interactive shoot as we were keen to get each of the shots nailed. I may have nailed the technocal and positioning aspects, but only Nicola could make the final decision as she was determined to get each part of her body in the perfect position. After all, you can’t be a pilates instructor and not have the right positions when advertising your classes!

Supporting Small Businesses

One of the biggest things to come out of the shoot for me (apart for a new-found knowledge and respect for all things to do with lighting, not to mention just how flexible and strong Nicola is and just how much she inspired me to start exercising) was how wonderful it was to be able to help and support somebody with a small business.  As somebody who recently started a small business themselves, it really is true that all support, comments and and bookings make you do a happy jig inside! It’s such a nice feeling to know that supporting a small business actually makes the world of difference to that person, whereas supporting a corporation means nothing but £££. I would love to work with more small businesses in any way I can!

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